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Importance of Technology Technology My personal transcripts ? Transcript 1= ...


My personal transcripts ¢ Transcript 1= luv u 4 ever 🙂 ¢ Transcript 2= u ur 2 fairly sweet 2 m 4got10 may u sperm c myself face2face ¢ Transcript 3= I h8 u!! ¢ Transcript 4= Jake ur bag can be pukka ¢ Transcript 5=iv been chatin with my penpal all day long ¢ Transcript 6= how ya doin! ¢ Transcript 7=Jake-“r your headphones good Demal-“yh all their awesome FYI they where only $5. 99 Ali Nasir10BMR. Wotson Introduction ¢ One of the varieties of multimodal talk is texting ¢ Texting has captivated a whole era of the younger generation ¢ Text messaging has become widespread, it is applied all over the world ¢ Texting is performed from portable to mobile phone, by sending the text for the mobile amount.

It can also be brought to many concurrently ¢ Texting is considered to be mostly used by young people and teenagers ¢ The more mature generations believe that texting provides taken the ability of producing and correct transliteration to actually zero, they deplore what sending text messages has done towards the English dialect ¢ Texting is also performed as a means of advertising ¢ Large companies text to anyone they can ¢ Doctor surgeries and even schools like the one I research at also use texting to share with patients and parents relative info. ¢ The chinese language of text messaging has advanced so much mainly because it had began ¢ There are so many ways to text message to each other

Paragraph 1 ¢ People have identified innovative means of texting with using bilderrätsel abbreviation, this is when a brand or a expression is symbolized by a photo or photos suggesting it is syllables ¢ They are just like puzzles ¢ Punctuation markings and brackets are used to demonstrate emotions. We can see this in transcript 1 ) 🙂 viewed upright sevylor means nothing but look at them sideways and it is a smiling face ¢ Various other symbols and numbers are used like , @, 5, 8. Section 2 ¢ The use of shortened and shortened forms of terms saves time in texting and also shortens text messaging to keep mobile phone bills at a minimum, as observed in transcript 2 . People are thus fast for texting in abbreviations the fact that mind boggles at the acceleration of their thumbs ¢ There exists efficiency in the way letters are being used, and texters shorten words to a minimum. Passage 3 ¢ Inotation is defined as the sculpt or pitch of the tone in speaking or the approach a person is speaking like selling anger, liveliness, being shy. ¢ Inotation cannot really become well presented in texting. ¢ The messages loose the true meaning of the tv-sender like displayed in transcript 3. ¢ Sometimes miscommunication happens and feelings happen to be hurt. ¢ It is hard to clarify what you are really feeling through texting. Whenever we communicate body gestures and possible vocal tone play a crucial role. ¢ When we try intonating within a text each other may go through something different in the explanation marks you have directed. ¢ Occasionally Imitation in the text can read a double meaning. Section 4 ¢ The use of no standard phrases in the sending text messages world is becoming so popular that almost everyone whom texts is aware the symbolism of the abbreviated words. ¢ Also language of different places is making its way into text messaging. ¢ Like those see terms such as lush or mint being used consist of regions of England. For example in Manchester “mint means really good and “mardy means changing mood, in whales “lush means very nice and in London “pukka means extremely good. ¢ We see all their uses in transcript 5. ¢ The application of slang in texting has also found a location in text messaging. ¢ Into a person who medication dosage not textual content, the language use must seem foreign. Section 5 ¢ In no standard words a new kind of communication offers emerged. ¢ For example a text pal is a individual that you by no means talk to or perhaps see, however, you ju7st text message to just like a pen mate. Another case is saying things like “text of the devil a version of talk about the devil. Just how we would use these fresh words can be seen in transcript five. ¢ A complete new book would have to crafted just to accommodate all the fresh words that contain sprung in this new text messaging age. Section 6 ¢ The use of imperfect sentences and also the use of phrases instead of making use of the proper grammatical sentences frequently occurs in texting, ¢ When you use incomplete paragraphs you fail to express the overall meaning. ¢ Shortening of sentence or use of phrases is fine whilst texting as a result of maybe, deficiency of time or perhaps space texting like in records 6. ¢ Phrases also are a part of this new language and most teenagers know hundreds of these people. It is just like a second language to them. ¢ These are generally a few popular phrases in texting, BFF (best friends forever), FYI (for your information), IDC (I no longer care), JC (just chilling), GAL (get a life). ¢ You observe how to use a phrase in transcript 7. Paragraph several ¢ I believe one of the similarities between sending text messages and presentation is that we all text just how we speak. ¢ All of us text the words the way they sound, not like the way they are spelt in the dictionary. ¢ We all text phonetically. ¢ Transliteration goes out in the window. ¢ The content from the text that may be written is a different subject. We see that lots of words will be taken out of the sentences to create them short and if all of us read these shortened text messages out loud we would sound like cavemen in cartoons or just like Tarzan saying,  myself Tarzan, you Jane. ¢ Even I say to my personal mum SOZ (sorry), HAHAHA (laugh away loud) and CBA (can’t be asked). ¢ My own mum is often shouting for me of talking proper English language Paragraph 8 ¢ When it comes to actual composing students are applying text language instead of proper English within their studies ¢ This is creating problems in our schools, colleges and the work environment ¢ Texting is a distraction and halts you via paying attention to what is going on around you. College students are found sending text messages in classes instead of focusing of what is happening in the classroom. ¢ Texting has its negatives but it also provides its positives. ¢ That keeps people connected to one another. ¢ Testers are always updating each other of what is going on right now there and then. ¢ Sometimes it is preferable to quietly textual content than to talk in a community place and disturb other folks. ¢ For each and every new technology there will always be positives and negatives. ¢ I think often there is a central way in which we could use text messaging and not navigate to the extreme.

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