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The Price of Beauty


In today’s society it really is believed that being of a certain color, a particular weight, and having certain characteristics is what makes someone beautiful. The movie “Little Miss Sunshine” directed by: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, is around a young lady named Olive who desires for being in beauty pageants. In the initially scenes in the movie that shows Olive mimicking the winner in the Miss America pageant in ah and amazement.

Olive is asked to the Tiny Miss Sunlight pageant in California by default, which leads her and her dysfunctional friends and family on a wonderful journey to California.

Even though the journey is stuffed with turmoil and loss, their main top priority is to get Olive to the pageant. At first glance, Olive is not what one would think of once beauty comes to mind. She is pudgy, very extra tall for her era, with dark-colored rimmed coke bottle spectacles, and a style only she can love. By environment a specific unit and specific standards The small Miss Sun pageant is a symbol of commercialized American beauty. The pageant is actually a shallow rendering of natural beauty in America. Children’s beauty pageants are filled with prosthetic tooth, fake and teased locks, makeup, and extremely risque clothes.

This is what America is representing to contemporary society and even more to its small contestants to be beautiful. Anna L. Wonderlich of the College or university of Minnesota did a report on 25 women, 9 had participated in years as a child beauty pageants and 9 had not. “This study examined the connection between years as a child beauty pageants and mature disordered ingesting, body unhappiness, depression, and self-esteem. The child years pageant members scored bigger on human body dissatisfaction, interpersonal distrust, and impulse deregulation than non-participants, and revealed a pattern toward better ineffectiveness. (Wonderlich)

Many of the fresh contestants will be led to think that if they can fit into a certain mold rather than being themselves they will be amazing. By being judged on their external appearance, this begins to have an effect on their psyche, self-esteem levels, plus the way they will see themselves. When simply being judged and belittled on precisely what is wrong with them, they get that same mind set inside their older sometime later it was years. Simply by allowing the young girls to prance and parade on stage in their elegant costumes they are really seen and represented being a young sexual symbol. The young girls acquire indecent and unnecessary attention from old men.

The former America Little Noble Miss, JonBenet Ramsey was killed at the age of six a similar age Olive is representing in the movie. Not only was her homicide gruesome it is just a mystery, your woman was identified gagged and sexually molested in her parents downstairs room. After her death the children’s natural beauty pageant globe was put under superb scrutiny pertaining to the “novelty of placing mascara on the lashes of your 6-year-old. “(Alder) Many wondered and still carry out why this kind of little girl was targeted, was it because of her engagement in the natural beauty pageants which make her look a youthful version of Marilyn Monroe?

The world will never know, the issues behind this kind of grisly tough, but the thought of JonBenet and beauty pageants will always stand out in the public’s mind. Olive represents a great unconventional best of beauty. When Olive registers for the beauty contest all the focus of the other opponent parents, and the girls is placed on her. They will stare and make irritating comments and gestures, mainly because Olive would not look like the other natural beauty contestants that every remind one among a small Barbie, when in this landscape Olive is still in her jeans and converses your woman most definitely stands out.

Olive can be soon approached by a group of twin girls. “Are you on a diet plan? , What? ,.. Will you be on a diet? , No! , I didn’t think so! ” It is presumed that one must be skinny to get perceived as gorgeous or even appealing to many. Although Olive is usually faced with critique she is still confident, optimistic and strong. This is displayed in one of the end scenes when she is getting ready for the pageant.

Olive’s dad- “I don’t desire Olive to take. ” Sheryl- “Are you kidding? ” Dad- “We’re not in Maryland anymore, all right! She is out of her little league here. ” Sheryl- “So? ” Dad- “Sheryl! She’s not going to win. There is fucking way….. Dwayne, the brother- “Where’s Olive? I actually don’t wish Olive performing this…. Mommy, look around! This place is usually fucked! I don’t wish these people judging Olive! Bone them! ,.. She’s not a beauty california king mom. ” Sheryl- “Olive is who have she is. This is just what she’s decided to do. ” Olive is off stage which is able to listen to everything that has been said. The assistant occurs stage and notes it is time for Olive to go on but she does not move. Sheryl to Olive- “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want. If you wish to sit down this one out, that’s great, we’re pleased with you in any case, okay. ” Olive says to the assistant- “Okay a few go. “

Her brother and her father run backstage to stop her via humiliating very little because your woman does not look like the different blonde special gems that are competitive. They are scared that she is going to be humiliated and are trying to protect her, but at times trying to protect one simply hurts all of them even more. Olive knows your woman does not seem like the rest of the ladies, but having her friends and family support is usually what’s essential to her and they see her as fabulous for who also she is. Though she does not have the costly outfits, big hair, and the tiny body she is who also she is and that she noesn’t need to comply with those requirements to be amazing.

Beauty can be not a particular characteristic, it is a combination of features, personality, and self-esteem. A single does not need to have a specific check out beautiful, staying beautiful starts off in the heart and soul if one has an unattractive soul in that case what is on the inside portrays the exterior. Although Olive may not seem like the average beauty contestant, every thing about her screams magnificence, she is lovely, kind, nurturing, and contains a beautiful soul, she is aware of who she’s, and believes in herself even though others tend not to. By certainly not conforming to the commercialized criteria of American splendor, Olive may be the definition of what beauty should be.

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