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SMIRNOFF NIGHTLIFE EXCHANGE MASS MEDIA CAMPAIGN CHAU Hong Duc Table of content I. Analysis 1 ) Overview installment payments on your

Significant figures 3. Why is it successful? 2. Recommendation 3. References We. Analysis 1 . Overview Smirnoff Night Your life Exchange job is a promotion campaign integrates number of nightlife celebrations, leading to the biggest party inside the November each year, along with global moving competition judged by Vergine.

Initiated by simply Smirnoff ” the 1st globally vodka manufacturer from 2010, Night Life Exchange come to a huge accomplishment in 2011, proclaimed with November 12th 2011 night, with (1)50 countries and twelve million people around the world engaged and celebrate the best world’s nightlife. installment payments on your Significant figures (2) twelve million participants 50 countries 3000 monitors of partygoers 5000 “liked Smirnoff drinks on Facebook . com 8000 images uploaded on Facebook Among 11 finest social media promotions in 2011 chosen by Econsultancy. com (3) 3. Why is it successful?

With this part, I will just discuss on the media’s aspect, that i believe is definitely the major element leading to its success. Firstly, Smirnoff heavily will take advantages of social media, specifically Fb fan web pages. It produced 50 fan pages for every single country involved, such as Smirnoff Vietnam, Smirnoff. These internet pages are altogether connected to the primary fan page of Smirnoff with the special app called Around the world, which earns more than 386, 000 loves. Fan webpages significantly help to make a huge impact on earning participants for the project. Along the line, they also generate neighborhood ebsite in each nation to promote the wedding, to attract people signing up for the event and receiving any ideas for the most important night, varied from which beverages are recommended, which performers should be placed in and so on. On both webpages and sites, they put upon valuable information about cocktails recipes as well as creating amazing and viral small tournaments with prizes good enough intended for calling family and friends. The two most important elements from this media campaign are: 1st, Smirnoff had a great idea of hosting a significant one-of-a-kind function locally, which means people via all over the world can enjoy a shared experience.

This kind of obviously woke up either the feeling of countrywide pride or maybe the toward-global propensity. Second, Smirnoff created the dual end communication using their target customers. They can theoretically involve in organizing “their own party through the chance of sharing thousands ideas. It’s excellent that Smirnoff is having an open dialogue rather merely informing data to followers. In conclusion, Smirnoff successfully came up with the shared benefit for a celebration, which is social websites all about.

Besides, the logo is incredibly well designed with all the theme color is crimson, which is also the theme color of Smirnoff with all the symbol of the eagle, presents a feeling of powerful and good manners. II. Advice However , there is still place for improvement if Smirnoff want to get greater achievements through this job. I experienced some of Nightlife Exchange’s community website and realized that the look, as well as domain of those websites is not consistent, for example in Vietnam, it’s bethere. n however in another nation, it’s totally different. Therefore , I suggest that rather than having individual websites, they have to link all of countries as one mother site and after that, direct to local web page, such as bethere. com/Vietnam or bethere. com/brazil. This would help them organize better customer database, better figures and easily monitor their consumer. I also highly recommend using portable marketing, which can be cheap and fast solution to spread out the data to audiences as well as check-in function in Facebook.

They should encourage their fans to do check-in whenever they go to the party. This will likely create an extraordinary appearance about fan internet pages. Last but not least, the slogan “Be There, even though it’s quite suitable for the beginning phase, must be change into some words even more encourage the uniqueness just like “Be Yourself There or “Be One of a kind There. I do believe it will encourage people to sign up for party and prove themselves to all persons in the world and create a great diversity of styles, getting more liveliness to an event. III. Refernces (1)Madonna Resurfaces in Smirnoff Social Media Promo http://mashable. com/2011/08/17/madonna-smirnoff/ , Jake Wasserman, Mashable, Aug 2011 * (2)Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project Collects Millions Throughout the world for the World’s Biggest Nightlife Experience http://www. marketwire. com/press-release/smirnoff-nightlife-exchange-project-gathers-millions-globally-worlds-biggest-nightlife-1586027. htm , Marketwire, 2011 2. (3)11 of the greatest social media campaigns of 2011 (and what we can learn from them) * http://econsultancy. om/fr/blog/8452-the-best-social-media-campaigns-of-2011-and-what-we-can-learn-from-them , Steve Richards, Econsultancy. com, December 2011 * Superstar series for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project¢ with The Potbelleez, Fourplay DJ’s And DISC JOCKEY Gordo http://www. irishtimes. com/events/smirnoff-nightlife-exchange/thailand-exchange. html , Iristimes. com * https://www. facebook. com/Smirnoff * http://nightlifeexchange. vice. com/en * The Smirnoff Night life Exchange Job 2011 video recording http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=k9lCf8VkMio

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