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Gun assault in America is not as bad as it is in Sierra Leone and other countries with war and small law enforcement even as read about in the book a long way eliminated. In the book the main character Ishmael discovers that America is not like he heard through rap tunes. When he ways to America and tells his story penalized a soldier and eliminating people the individuals he talks to about it feel that it is amazing and Ishmael states in the book “violence in the united states is romanticized.

I do go along with this declaration that we make war seem easy and entertaining through videos and video games. We do not know what it is want to be in a war and witness eradicating and bloodshed every day.

Firearm violence in the us is not understood simply by very many people most people blame guns for killing people but it is usually not the guns that kill people it is people that kill persons either by accident or on purpose in a homicide. This is seen in the statistics “gun violence went up coming from 10, 1000 victims in 1975 to fifteen, 000 subjects in 95.  This info proves that violence has gone up with the increases in gangs plus the lessening of guns in households and teaching of gun basic safety. Also, 98% of gang homicides involve guns.

Weapon violence in the united states has been within the increase, as 1975 the moment there were less than 27 firearm related fatality. In 1999 that increased to 80 deaths every day. http://www. gun-control-network. org/GF01. htm. Firearm deaths are homicides almost 58% are suicide. Another statistic is definitely one hundred metropolitan areas with foule of two hundred and fifty, 000 or more have reported a tremendous amount of gang activity. When there may be gang activity there is a greater amount of homicides.

There are many active bande in the United States. That they range from the crypts to the terme conseillé and they are famous. These are certainly not the only bande there are many more not pointed out. However , 94% of gang members will be male and only 6% will be female. Really not a big surprise that 77% of killed juveniles had been killed with a gun. With all the increased bunch activity in the usa 39% of households include a gun.

In the usa many individuals have a fear of guns although guns usually are something to fear. If every person had a firearm and knew how to use it then we would all have protection from people that need to injury us which has a gun. In the event guns were outlawed after that there would be riots and the murder rate would venture up because the people that want to do good with them will not be able to safeguard themselves while others, the people that are looking for to harm others which has a gun would not turn in their gun and would be able to harm other people with little fear.

Violence is seen everywhere in modern-day society in news reports, movies, videogames, and in our lives. This physical violence lends the illusion to our society today that assault is great and fun and only shows the façade that our contemporary society has created. Common people does not even begin to understand the traumatic pictures that our soldiers have come back with and that we think that the war we come across on the news is a lot like the movies that individuals watch on T. V. but we all cannot continue to imagine.

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