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The Goblet Menagerie- Simply by: Tennessee Williams Setting- After the Great Depression, before World War II, 1937 In SST. Louis, Missouri The Way Tn Williams shattered away from straight realist hosting: 1 . Had his main character become the narrator (Tom Winnfield) 2 .

Designed a display device into his plays to emphasize crucial details and actions onstage 3. Taken off props 4. SE of lighting Issue with memory perform: Details could be omitted or perhaps left out, prejudiced, exaggerated details Symbolism- a person, place, or subject that has its meaning but can advise other connotations as well Genre- Tragedy several. Death off Salesman- By simply: Arthur Callier Genre- Tragedy Setting- Later sass’s, Brooklyn- Present, Boston- Flashback Tense- Past and Present Protagonist- Wily or Biff Financial loan Antagonist- Wily or Biff Loan American Dream- a great antagonist fantasy

This perform attacks the materialistic facet of the American Dream This individual believes the achievement of wealth and success devoid of integrity History is given through flashback Flashback- action that interrupts to show an event that happened in an earlier period which is essential for understanding Expressionism- when an artist distorts actuality to create an emotional effect Parental Dilutions- parents who may have high expectations set for his or her children 4. A Streetcar Named Desire- By: Tennessee Williams Setting- New Orleans, Louisiana, sass Protagonist-Balance Dubos Conflicts 1 . Balance Or.

Self 2 . Balance Versus. Stanley II. Short Solution The A glass Menagerie Methods to break away by straight realistic staging 1 . He had his major persona also be the narrator (Tom Winnfield) installment payments on your Incorporated a screen system into his plays to emphasise important details and activities on stage Key words he would desire the audience to identify 3. Eliminated props Distracting, Allows to concentrate even more on persona plot four. Use of lighting Dimmed the lights, Low and hazy, Memory enjoy Tennessee Williams used four different processes to break away coming from straight realistic tagging and make his pays distinct from others.

Initial, he made his main character in the perform also be the narrator. Inside the Glass Menagerie, Tom Winnfield is the two main persona and the narrator because it is his memory and told coming from his standpoint. Also, he eliminated the usage of props in some scenes. Williams believed stage sets were a distraction and taking all of them away might help the market focus on figure development and plot. Tennessee Williams as well used a screen gadget. The display device viewed several words he would wish the audience to realize to guide them to think or perhaps feel a certain way.

Finally, he dimmed the light to create a hazy look. This lighting result would ensure that the audience bear in mind the play was by memory. Loss of life of a Store assistant Techniques to separate past by present/reality via illusion 1 . Stage Directions/ Setting installment payments on your Character’s Presence and impression. These approaches include persona appearance, environment change, and stage directions. For example , fresh Wily Bank loan was very quickly moving and energetic. Yet , old Clever Loan is definitely grumpy, slower moving, and dull. One of setting transform would be through the Loan’s home to both Boston or maybe a football discipline.

Incorporated with setting change is definitely stage directions. They indicate when the establishing changes. For instance , in the past, the Loan household was surrounded numerous trees, leaves, and fabulous scenery. Yet , in the present, the house in between apartment structures and the feeling is dark and dull. Streetcar Called Desire Big difference between this kind of play as well as the Glass Menagerie with regards to the theme of illusion while an approach to reality The A glass Menagerie is definitely hazy and filtered primarily based off of memory space. A Streetcar Named Desire is raw and more forward to reality. The Merchant of Venice

Conflict/Resolution The discord in The Vendor of Venice is that Bassoon is poor and needs Antonio help him woo Portia. Antonio can only turn to Shylock, who is Legislation and thus resented. Antonio has to sign away a pound of his flesh as being a guarantee about Bassoon’s mortgage. Bassoon finally gets a go at Portia, but he is got to select the right casket. The quality occurs when Portia shows everything and Antonio is definitely rich once again. Portia accepts Notation’s apology and goes even further, ensuring that, even if he’s lost his friend, he’s got his money back. Ill. Long Response 1 .

Tragedy/Tragic Hero (A Streetcar Called Desire/Balance Dubos by Tennessee Williams) Balance Dubos can be described as tragic leading man because this wounderful woman has a tragic flaw that ultimately contributes to her demise. Blanches catch is her inability to take reality or where the girl with right now. She lives her life in illusion to flee her fact. However , she actually is forced to encounter reality after her sister’s husband, Stanley, raped her. After this occurrence, Balance begins to go crazy and outrageous. She is brought to a mental institution. installment payments on your Characteristics of your One Act Play (He Said Your woman Said by Alice Greenberg) Origin- might be traced for the very beginning of drama

Unities- conform to the Classical Unities of crisis developed by the philosopher Aristotle, unity of the time, unity of place, and unity of subject Oneness of Time- He Stated She Said takes place within just 24 hours Oneness of Place- He Explained She Stated takes place in a single setting, the Helmsman’ household gossiping Time- usually among 10-40 internet pages long He Said The girl Said is usually 16 pages long Setting- one picture He Stated She Stated all happens in the Helmsman’ living place Plot- simple, one of the most essential elements to the play can be conflict Gossiping Characters- vary from full-length takes on in their scope, fewer personas or a more impel environment, focused on a main character and a single episode or goal, little time pertaining to subplots, generally 4 or less heroes Felix, Enid, Mrs..

Packard, and Diana Exposition- most avoid comprehensive exposition In He Explained She Said, it gives the background information that Felix and Enid Hellman have a great relationship. This is certainly necessary for appropriate understanding because the plot is pertinent Subtext- unspoken thoughts and motives in the characters? what they really think and believe, hardly ever breaks through the surface in the dialogue other than in occasions of extreme issue, gives the artists something o do] Stage Direction- contains simple and direct stage direction 3. Motivation (Wily Loan/Death of the Salesman) Clever Loan’s loss of life in Fatality of a Salesman is a result of his motivation.

His motivation was his wish to provide and supply for his family, and also his want to convince Biff that he was correct. Wily understood that if perhaps he perished, his insurance money would be given to his family therefore they could live good, happy lives. Also, Wily wanted to persuade Biff that he was right about becoming personally desirable and enjoyed was all that mattered. Through his loss of life, Wily was hoping to demonstrate to Biff that he was right by a on of men and women showing up to his funeral. Also, Clever died using a sense of private dignity, assuming he was correct all along. 4. Contribution of a Slight Character (The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams) Rick O’Connor, a minor character in The Glass Menagerie, helps help the character development of Laura.

Though he may be a minor personality, his position in the enjoy is necessary intended for plot advancement. He is the many realistic figure in the entire play. He’s a symbol of expect Laura. Rick is the person that Laura and her relatives having been expecting their whole lives since everything will alter. 5. Energetic and Static Character (A Streetcar Called Desire by Tennessee Williams) Balance Dubos is a energetic character in A Streetcar Named Desire. Initially, she used illusion to escape her fact. However , by the end of the play, she is forced to face truth when Stanley rapes her. From that point on, she was by no means the same. The lady went coming from being relatively normal to completely insane.

Stanley is a stationary character mainly because throughout the enjoy he remains the same. Via start to finish, he could be very aggressive and never enjoyed Balance. 6. Foil Figure Merchant of Venice is known as a comedy since it fits the characteristics 1 . Fresh lovers struggling to conquer obstacles zero Jessica and Lorenz happen to be madly in love and wish to be jointly, but Jessica father, Shylock, is trying to complete everything he can to keep these people from getting married to. Also, Bassoon and Portia marry. 2 . Mistaken Identity 0 Jessica deceives her father the moment she hide herself as a boy and runs off to get married to Lorenz. Portia cross dresses as a men lawyer and shows up in the courtroom to protect Antonio a few.

Clever plot twist with multiple story lines 0 2 key plots: Bassoon’s adventure playing the gruppo to get a wealthy wife, and Schlock’s employees of Notation’s pound of flesh 4. Puns 0 Marriage, Almost everybody is married (Lorenz and Jessica) (Bassoon and Portia) Antonio is a amusing hero as they has a little level of personal charm and worth of character who wins the audiences approval. The audience enjoys Antonio as they values companionship and take pleasure in. Antonio is usually a Christian which The Service provider of Venice favors Christians instead of Jews. Antonio can be described as worthy character because he dangers his own life in the hands of Shylock to lend money to give to his closest friend, Bassoon, to win Portrait’s heart.

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