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An evaluation of the digital marketing strategies

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At the mention of watch-manufacturing firms, two companieseasily spring to mind, Rolex and Hublot. Both equally, Rolex and Hublot will be Swiss businesses based in Geneva and Nyon, Switzerland respectively, a country in whose economy was at one time driven by the watch-manufacturing market. But into the 2010’s, this kind of trend has shifted intended for the worst. The global demand for wrist watches and chronographs offers significantly decreased a fact which can be credited to the growth of the smartphone sector.

Although there are still several opportunities the watch-manufacturing market has not ventured into, there is the promise that with effective use of sales strategies, the market, especially both of these companies, should be able to reach and tap into fresh markets. While using advent of the digital age, marketing has also progressed and is staying conducted in digital programs. How then can the two of these companies successfully use digital marketing strategies? This kind of essay as a result presents an analysis of the digital marketing strategies employed by Orifice and Rolex.

Ahead of analyzing the digital sales strategies it is important to first be familiar with dynamics in the watch-manufacturing market i. electronic. the opportunities and threats and by these draw the sales strategies. As stated earlier, the major challenge facing this kind of industry is definitely the growth of the smartphone industry. People are nowadays conveniently checking time issues phones bringing about a reduction in the demand of watches. Mobile phone companies just like Apple and Samsung also have introduced appropriate smartwatches being used with their phones additional worsening the need for luxury time pieces(Quora. com, 2016). Smartwatches always give luxury watches something to worry about. as they are bundled up with more features that common watches don’t have.

Luxurious watches can also be facing hard competition in the jewelry market. Though luxury watches are mostly used while high-end fashion accessories rather than to tell time, they can be facing competition from earrings that remain innovative and gives more charm to their clients. The modification features that jewelry presents is unrivalled by extravagance watches and therefore the latter continue to be lag in back of. The cost of making luxury designer watches has also increased steadily over time accounting for the excessive prices these businesses charge buyers for their items. The playing field can be therefore certainly not level because smartphone corporations continue to produce their products by relatively affordable prices. In order to endure the modern world some extravagance watches corporations such as Label Heuer possess partnered with tech titans, Intel and Google, to produce luxury smartwatches(Quora. com, 2016).

Regardless of the numerous challenges that this market is facing, there are numerous chances that it may pursue. Partnering with tech giants is a superb example which may bring very good tidings towards the industry(Ryan and Jones, 2011). Luxury view makers could also pursue millennials who have extended to remain unsociable to their items. Customization of watches to satisfy the specific preferences and choices of millennials can bring these people on board since potential customers.


Founded in 1905 in London, British isles by Alfred Davis and Han Wilsdorf, Rolex has grown to become identifiable with leading luxury watch-manufacturing company(Rolex, 2016). With approximately revenue of US$7. several billion and a production of close to 2, 1000 watches daily, the company is undoubtedly the leading high-class watch maker. The company can be privately possessed by Hans Wilsdorffoundation(Rolex, 2016). The company utilizes more than two, 800 employeesand boasts of higher than a dozen watch designs.

SWOT Evaluation

Being at the top of the watch industry, Rolex enjoys some opportunities plus some threats that pose an issue to it is profitability. Below is an analysis with the strengths, disadvantages opportunities and threats the company confronts


Because of its long duration of operations, the business enjoys a broad global network of distribution and sales centers. The organization also has a recognised domestic marketplace which boosts its international sales. The business has also strategically positioned by itself as a personal companyto delight in grants and other financial offers from the government(MBA Skool-Study. Learn. Share., 2016).


The predominant weaknesses the fact that company has is the tax composition. Rolex functions on a global market therefore it pays taxation to the governments of every region it operates in. For a international company, in addition, it has comparatively small business units(MBA Skool-Study. Master. Share., 2016).


The company is constantly on the engineer new timepieces make trends pertaining to other companies in the market to emulate. The company is usually positioning on its own to attract new markets particularly the millennial segment of the populace. The company also enjoys a steady income from its trading activities(MBA Skool-Study. Find out. Share., 2016).


The company was once considered a monopoly inside the high-end watch-manufacturing industry although over the years this has changed with the entry of other companies just like Hublot, Breitling, Panerai and Omega SA. The growth from the smartwatches industry has also keep on being a thorn in the earnings of the business. Other organization risks just like fluctuation interesting risks and increasing cost of raw materials likewise threaten the success of Rolex.


When compared with other watch-making companies, Échappée is a somewhat new firm. It was created in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, a great Italian, who had left Breil Watches to pay attention to his individual design(Hublot. com, 2016). The corporation has grown in a short span of time to catch up with different leading manufacturers such as Rolex. It has more than 50 retailers globally strategically located in every continent. In 08, the company was acquired by LVMH, an italian luxury merchandise group to get an undisclosed fee(Hublot. com, 2016).

SWOT Evaluation.

As a comparatively new company, Hublot loves some possibilities over its competitors while the same competition continue to present a threat to the operations and profitability. The SWOT framework analyzes these types of opportunities and threats listed below.

Strong points

Hublot is revered to get incorporating impressive materials into its design. It is scratch resistant Magic Precious metal continues to be a force to reckon with globally. It is association having its parent company LVMH provides it with a competitive edge it could not possess enjoyed by itself. It has also endeared itself to their market by simply sponsoring many events and being the official timekeeper intended for numerous athletics events(MBA Skool-Study. Learn. Discuss., 2016).


The business and its brand does not have a solid presence available in the market and its aggressive advertising possess only improved on the operating expenses of the market.


The opening of retailers that sell its merchandise all over the world may increase the company’s market share and double or perhaps triple their revenues. The existence of the company in developing countries has also better its sales(MBA Skool-Study. Find out. Share., 2016).


Similar to Rolex, Hublot and many other watch-manufacturing corporations face a stiff competition from intelligent watches. The company also confront competition internally in the industry from all other manufacturers just like Zenith and Cartier. The presence of counterfeit and fake watches bearing its name in the market have also damaged its brand image(MBA Skool-Study. Learn. Reveal., 2016).

Comparing the Digital Marketing plans used by Hublot and Rolex.

Both equally companies, Rolex and Échappée have a very good online existence and continue to interact with consumers on social websites platforms and marketing all their products(Libert, 2015). Both the firms websites provide detailed information regarding their products which includes their prices and their parts of sale spread all over the world. Orifice is setting up a fresh website that is dedicated about promoting its brand tradition and goods. The website will offer consumers an in-depth go through the timepieces. It provides numerous item videos and blogs by both the organization and other customers about their experience with the product.

How in that case do Rolex and Hublot get their clients to visit their particular websites and get this data? Rolex and Hublot employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and direct traffic from their social websites pages for their websites. Seo (SEO) may be the technique of producing one’s website visible about search engine queries without automatically paying to the search engine. With SEO, the marketing group ensures that the website is among the best unpaid results(Libert, 2015).

Market Positioning andDifferentiation

Market positioning and differentiation will be two incredibly critical factors in any marketplace strategy. Industry or merchandise differentiation may be the process of unique one’s item from related product inside the market(Chaffey et al., 2014). It may require adding on features on the product to split up it from your rest. Market or company positioning comprises introducing the product in the market and securing an area or placement for the rand name in the market(Chaffey et ‘s., 2014). Setting will involve any kind of attempts to endear the item to the market.

Rolex differentiates their timepieces because high-end high-class products that resonate while using rich and famous. They take time to produce their products and customize them to the specific tastes and tastes of the wealthy(Rolex, 2016). For instance , most wrist watches manufactured by Rolex are water repellent, a feature which is not common in the market. They are usually costly but they are worth it. They are complex yet elegant and give you value for your money(Rolex, 2016). Rolex features thus positioned itself inside the highest rate of the industry segment we. e. the industry for the rich.

On the other hand, Échappée continues to make exquisite period pieces which could also be liked by the central and low income earners in the contemporary society. Hublot, in comparison to Rolex, uses cheaper unprocessed trash to make its products, outlining their comparatively cheaper rates. They are also creating shop in developing countries to give these people a style of the created world at friendly rates.

Usage of Social Media Platforms.

Mentioned previously earlier on, the two companies possess a strong on-line presence in social media programs such as Fb, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. Nevertheless , it is without having doubt that Rolex has a greater command word in these platforms compared to Orifice. For example , Début has only 1. 18 million follower about Facebook when compared to Rolex’s your five. 5 , 000, 000. The use of these types of platforms can be however relatively similar because they use them to interact with consumers.

They frequently hold QA sessions wherever they reach answer the queries of their customers and receive ideas. They also share photos with their brand ambassadors who use their images. For example , Hublot’s Facebook webpage has many pictures of Kobe Bryant, an American Basketball player, putting on their chronographs. They also use these websites to direct traffic to all their websites. This really is achieved by the utilization of shortened links to their websites.

Paid out and Attained Media

YouTube, the video-sharing website, is definitely an example exactly where both Début and Rolex conduct paid media(Patel, 2015). The companies share videos of their products within the websitewhich include embedded backlinks that immediate clients with their websites. Additionally, they pay Google, the owner of Vimeo, to advertise with them on the website. The paid ads are usually by means of short movies that enjoy before the YouTube users wrist watches the intended video(Patel, 2015). Examples of attained media that the two firms used may be the traffic made to their websites from social networking platforms.

The late decrease in the interest of Switzerland watches is undoubtedly a matter of worry mainly because it is the main drive of the basic business overall economy of the nation. This drop sought after provides likewise affected famous brands like Hublot and Rolex however that will not infer that their occurrence is debilitated. It is normal for the clients to dependably search for the techy watches however at the same time in terms of watches of Rolex and Hublot there might be no legislation.

For getting a charge out from the certainty of the clients, these watch makers must make their particular nearness experienced in the online periods alongside hostile ads with their items in various nations. Additionally , they should make an attempt to bring out technical savvy wrist watches that can gain the account of their customers once more. Around the off possibility that these driving a car watch makers endeavor something different then they can easily secure their very own driving spot always in this timepiece business.

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