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Banana candle feel essay


The investigator conducts this study due to economic crisis today. Its purpose is to create a product of floor feel which is more affordable and could provide the same top quality which the business one could give. In this modern day, floor polishes were made coming from synthetic elements. We decided to put back the floor polish from the old days that was made coming from natural elements. We choose clown peelings as component of the shine. But first, we need to find out if the item was a highly effective as industrial polish and if it can be used for different surfaces therefore the researcher done an experiment.

We scraped the inner area of banana peelings and hard boiled for 4 hours, extracted the and blended to obtain a smooth carbamide peroxide gel.

We consequently concluded that the ground Polish Created from Banana peelings was effective as commercial polishes. The item did not contain harmful chemical compounds so it was environmental friendly, safer and cheaper. This task was made by the researcher to generate a floor feel out of banana remove: first, we mix 2 candle polish then it was melted within a low open fire.

Although still popular, add one particular teaspoon of oil. Following mixing, add the clown peels, Blend it and leave it after 3min. then simply strain and pour in a container.

Introduction and its backdrop

As of now, the country is usually facing a superb crisis in economy. The researcher found that at school, they essential using of floor wax (commercial) to avoid the floor sparkly. Even inside the houses, floor wax will be use. Therefore , the investigator decided to generate a floor polish which is very economical and can give an equal quality as the commercial can.

Statement with the problem

a)Can banana always be an alternative supply in making a floor wax?

Ingredients of the Hypothesis

a) Banana can not be an alternative origin in making the floor wax.

b)Banana can be an substitute source to make a floor wax.

Significant in the study

This kind of study can provide benefits to individuals especially towards the poor once, to have a great business as well as to save money because of their other requirements. Especially in educational institutions, it will offer a benefit for the students along with their parents to save money. Additionally it is easy and pleasurable to do.

Scope and limit

This analyze is only limited for the investigation of banana (Musa paradisiaca) used as option source pertaining to floor feel making. The researcher decided to go with this study for further investigation if the banana can be an successful source to get floor wax.

8. ) Definition of terms

a) Banana ” a exotic fruit

b) Floors wax ” a compound used for shimmering floors.

being unfaithful. Related Research

BANANA is definitely the common term for a fresh fruit and also the herbaceous plants with the genus Musa which create the commonly eaten fresh fruit. They are local to the warm region of Southeast Asia and Quotes. Today, they are cultivated throughout the tropics. Clown plants happen to be of the relatives Musaceae. They may be cultivated mainly for their fresh fruit, and to a lesser extent for the production of fibre and since ornamental vegetation. As the bananas are mainly tall, erect, and pretty sturdy, they are usually mistaken pertaining to trees, if the truth is the main or erect stem is referred to as a pseudostem, literally meaning “fake stem, which for a few species can acquire a elevation of up to 2″8 m, with leaves as high as 3. five m long.

Each pseudostem would create a bunch of yellow, green, or perhaps red plums before dying and staying replaced by simply another pseudostem. Banana leaves are widely used as plates and for liner cooking pits and for wrapping food for cooking or storage. A piece of tea leaf often is an eye-shade. In Latin America, it is just a common practice during down pours to hold a bicycle seat leaf by petiole, upside-down, over one’s back as an “umbrella or “raincoat. The leaves of the ‘Fehi’banana are used for thatching, packing, and cigarette packages.

10. ) Materials

¢Banana peelings

¢Wax Crystals

¢Technical Color (if desire)

¢ Container


eleven. ) Process

1 ) )candle feel.

installment payments on your ) Burn the elements in a low fire.

3. ) While nonetheless hot put technical color (desired color). Stir the mixture. 4. ) Put small amount of oil.

five. ) Add the Clown peel.

6. ) Pour in a desired mold or container and allow it to harden.

12. ) Presentation of data analysis & interpretation

13. ) Outcomes

Since the investigator conduct this kind of study, the researcher found out the following: SUBJECT MATTER # BANANA FLOOR FEEL COMMERCIAL

1 Stand out more glow

2 more shine shine

3 Glow more sparkle

Based on the ff. info, the specialist made a much better study relevant to this job and found out that banana floor wax could provide also almost the same top quality which the industrial one could give.

14. ) Summary

Flooring waxing is important to maintain the shiny shine of wooden floors. Nevertheless , if you find shopping for ready-made floors wax really expensive, it is possible to mix candlestick wax and oil with banana peels to create a material suitable for use polishing the wooden floors. This home-made floor polish will give a comparable shine and smoothness to this of commercialproducts, and the olive oil counteracts the banana peels stickiness to ensure the finished sheen isn’t tacky.

15. ) Conclusions

Therefore we determine that the clown Floor wax is attractive, effective and easy to complete. The investigator therefore concluded that banana floors wax could possibly be used alternatively source of industrial one.

16. ) Suggestion

The specialist would suggest that we might use banana flooring wax rather than busy business floor feel in the market mainly because it’s cheaper and fits in our spending budget.

You may also be considering the following: banana peel while floor polish review of related literature, benefits of banana remove as floors wax


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