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Case study crescent pure essay

Due to Crescent being Portland Drake Beverages’ (PDB) 1st entry in the U. T. sport/energy beverage market, there are some issues that PDB should consider with regard to Crescent’s impending launch. Problems consist of deciding what buyers want, getting discussion-worthy and being clear. Before starting Crescent you have to make sure that there exists a place for Crescent available in the market. Sarah Jones, Vice President of promoting for PDB, is doing this by looking to specify if Crescent suits the market better as a power drink, a sport drink or a healthy and balanced organic refreshment.

Getting discussion-worthy is another important concern to consider because it is crucial to make sure Crescent’s product sticks out against the other sorts of energy/sport drink companies which can be coming out with their own products. By captivating the consumers with something discussion-worthy, you’ll create organic personal about your company.

Being translucent is also a crucial issue to consider since consumers include so many options on where you can spend their cash for sport/energy drinks.

By being clear and exhibiting consumers where exactly their money goes, Crescent’s merchandise will attract customers. Letting customers know wherever Crescent’s products are received from and how come they are priced they method they are gives power to the buyer, and helps all of them feel confident about their acquisitions.

The elements that should impact the position of Crescent will be competitors, industry segmentation and market size. The market segmentation for sport drinks and energy beverages are recognized through amounts of hydration presented, energy provided, nutrition presented and favorable taste supplied. Most energy drinks have got higher strength, lower nutrition, lower water balance andlower advantageous taste in comparison to sports beverages. Additionally , the biggest group of strength drink customers were men between the age ranges of 18-34. Also father and mother of children had been more likely to consume energy drinks and the highest volume of drinks consumed was by respondents with a home income below $25, 000 per year. For sport drinks, roughly half of men used them, although only another of women performed. Furthermore, even though 40% of men found sports beverages refreshing, only 27% of females performed. Sports refreshments appealed to younger customers, 62% of people between the age groups of 18 to twenty-four. Crescent’s ideal target is definitely males and females between ages of 18-35.

PDB must determine whether or not to position Crescent since an energy drink, a sport drink, or a healthy organic and natural beverage. The benefits for positioning Crescent because an energy beverage is that the market size for energy drinks has grown forty percent between 2010 and 2012. Energy drinks were estimated to be $8. 5 billion dollars in the United States in 2013; forecasts projected that figure to succeed in $13. 5 billion by simply 2015. Another advantage is that New-moon is a beverage that contains organic ingredients that are a more healthy option than most strength drinks.

This really is an advantage because sales of energy drinks with lower amounts of caffeine and purer materials are increasing due to customer demand for better food and beverage selections. A disadvantage for positioning Crescent as a power drink is the fact many potential consumers view energy drinks as unhealthy and might not see past that when PDB launches all their new Crescent energy beverage. Due to information stories showcasing the so-called health risks via energy refreshments, 32% of shoppers over 18 indicated they drank an energy drink in the last six months, 11% of who had been drinking fewer energy refreshments than that were there a year previous.

The advantages of positioning Crescent as a sport drink would be that the market size is also raising. The market improved 9% between 2007 and 2012. This year, sports beverages reached $6. 3 billion dollars in the United States and they are expected to develop to $9. 58 billion dollars by 2017. Another advantage of positioning New-moon as a athletics drink is the fact diet and low-sugar drinks, which would not exist ahead of 2009, had grown by 33% between 2010 and 2012. The market size to get diet and low-sugar athletics drinks can be expected to increase from $1. 4 billion in 2012 to $2. 97 billion in 2017.

This can be perfect for PDB becausethe Crescent beverage is based on being a diet plan, low-sugar, and overall healthy and balanced option. The disadvantage of PDB positioning New-moon as a sports drink is definitely the concern with regards to rising childhood obesity rates resulting in government-mandated guidelines to remove high-calorie sweet drinks and snacks, including sports refreshments, from school snack machines. This might be a negative impact on the amount of sporting activities drinks youthful consumers purchase, who makeup a large area of the sporting activities drinks which can be consumed.

The benefits of placing Crescent as being a healthy organic and natural beverage is because of consumers at the moment moving towards healthier meals and refreshment options, as stated earlier. It is just a market that may be currently growing and will always grow. Drawback of setting Crescent as a healthy organic and natural beverage is the fact it does not have the energy that is certainly provided by various other energy drinks due to its use of organic elements. A focus group feedback located that a lot of young customers noted that Crescent acquired less strength than that they had hoped.

The positioning approach that I would choose would be a healthy organic drink. It is important to look for what pulls you in addition to the competition after which advertise depending on that. The prospective market that Crescent wants to attract will be people who are health conscious and consumers who buy sugary strength and sport drinks usually are going to become as health conscious.

Other ramifications that this could have for additional elements of the marketing mixture is that PDB could potentially enhance the price to get a Crescent drink because several consumers from the focus group questioned PDB’s ability to deliver quality organic ingredients in $2. seventy five, when the majority of healthy organic beverages are above $3. 00. One more implication this will likely have intended for other components of the promoting mix is definitely where this device is going to be marketed. If New-moon is being marketed as a healthful organic beverage then it should be sold in a store that markets other healthful and natural products in order to provide for the best target market. Last but not least, Crescent must be advertised being a healthy organic and natural beverage through packaging, commercials and other varieties of advertisement demonstrating that this product is healthy in support of organic ingredients are used to help to make it.


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