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Channel tunnel project essay

Channel Tunnel project, which was executed to create a set connection among Britain and France, is one of the largest personal funded assignments in the world. That required the utilization of newest technology and superb management expertise in order to deal with unexpected alterations. Also the cooperation of two countries’ governments, a lot of constructors, banking institutions and other companies are required to make this job run easily.

This dissertation divided the entire project in 4 measures in analyzing: have a baby, develop, execute and finish. Even more, it illustrates the key advantages and disadvantages of Chunnel project which includes project booking, risk management, people management, cross-culture communication etc with crucial thinking.

In addition , recommendations are provided due to the improvement in these techniques.


The channel canal is one of the longest undersea rail tunnels in the world. It has a general length of 50. 5-kilometre and links Folkestone in the UK and Calais in the France. (Anderson, 1994) The proposal of creating a fixed link across the British Channel was firstly created as early as 1802 by an engineer in France nonetheless it was shelved due to reliability and political reasons.

In 1957, Louis Armand formed the Channel Tunnel Study Group and then presents a type of railway canal, bored of submerged, comprising a twin rail canal with a service tunnel towards the government in 1960. (eurotunnelgroup. com) However , the British minister terminated the project in 1975 due to monetary problems and oil problems. The job started again until the British and The french language government reached an agreement, which can be finding non-public promoters intended for the construction with no public funding in 1984. Finally, following negotiate with governments, banking institutions and investors, constructions commenced in 1987 and designed in 1994. The American Contemporary society of Municipal Engineers identifies Channel Tunnel as one of the Several Wonders from the Modern World. (Reynolds, 1996)

Phase 1: Conceive

Coming from a project managing perspective, the entire project may be divided into 4 stages that are conceive, develop, execute and finish. During end up pregnent phase, it is necessary to focus on the project’s general strategy. This considers the projects target, potential challenges and opportunities, possible solutions and the backlinks of tasks to other projects. But it should be responded projects’ standard assumptions.

In 1981, the British and French governments are agreed to launch the project. Four plans which include Eurobridge, Euroroute, Channel Highway and Route Tunnel had been submitted to the government and Channel Tube Group/ France”Manche (CTG/FM) earned the bid eventually. After that, an map of organizational composition had been designed:

Source: route tunnel task overview

The picture above reveals the structure of all individuals. Eurotunnel is definitely an international firm originally shaped by CTG/FM. It is the owner and operator of the complete project. And it offered the construction contract to TML. From 1985- 86, Eurotunnel was handled by CTG/FM and banks. Each of them keeps 50% from it. Later on, Eurotunnel became independent company after which transferred to its shareholders and banks. A 55 years agreement had been reached between Eurotunnel and the government of Britain and France based on the pitch submitted. The development Contract between Eurotunnel and TML sets out the Eurotunnel is also linked to the banks with a loan arrangement and to countrywide railways by a usage arrangement. Furthermore, government authorities hired a lot of experts to develop an agency named IGC (Intergovernmental Commission) to guarantee the project is definitely under control. IGC was permitted for demanding changes in the means of project to continue to keep it “healthy and safety.

During the stage of planning, the total cost of the project was 5. your five billion us dollars and the complete project will be private loaned without any authorities aids. For the consideration of CTG/FM possessed an agreement, which gave group the sole correct of Route operation during 55 years, over 200 financial institutions around the world offered loan towards the project. (Genus, 1997) Yet , for a task this huge, the lack of scope makes to resource planning, budgeting and cost determining very difficult, thus it would be an issue to use RETURN ON INVESTMENT (return on investment) to provide accurate info. Because RETURN only provides results based upon assumptions coming from TML

Plan management plays an important function in the first stage as well. Several milestones were built including (Fairweather, 1994):

1 ) 1974, idea of tunnel gathered, but forgotten 2 . 1978, British and French discussions continued three or more. 1985, United kingdom and The french language government requested bids four. 1986, The Treaty of Canterbury was signed allowing the task to carry on and CTG/FM won the contract your five. 1987, Route tunnel job started 6. 1994, the project full

The routine was planned to build 3 tunnels, two rail passageways and a single service tube allows merged traffic for short points (3 moments between trains) and top speed (100 to 160 km/h) of national trains as well as shuttles. These special Shuttles allow train transportation of cars from one country to a new. This built designer to illustrated 12 tunneling confronts worked by 11 uninteresting machines. A really complex timetable was made in logistics managing and WBS development (work breakdown structure) due to high requirements of activity agreements and activity duration estimate.

Quality and risk management is yet another significant component to preparation level. Management team needs to examine potential dangers of technical, commercial, personal, and economic aspects since if dangers are recognized early enough, an effective response strategy can be made. A risk influence matrix can be made in examining process


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