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Documents of payment system essay

Simple description of the proposed thesis topic

The phrase ‘billing’ can refer to the total amount of goods and the act of counting them. Others require a billing to insure the number of items ordered matches the genuine number of things counted literally.

Statement from the Objectives

General Target

The overall objective is to create a digital billing program for J&S Oyster Restaurant.

Specific Goals

The following are the actual objectives in the study that may determine the deliverables: 5. To present an accurate computation around the bill recharged to the buyers.

* To make a print out in each sales on a daily regular monthly basis. * To obtain records within the database.

* To procure a more accurate orders eliminating problems done personally. * To facilitate a faster deals in payment the customers.

Relevance of the recommended thesis subject or justification

This research was made to help make the work simpler, faster and more accurate regarding billing. The proposed system was developed and implemented to lessen the work of management with the company.

It provides more accurate and dependable records of billing (day, week and month).

Overview of Related Books and Research

Ritchie, Marshall and Eardley (1998) stated that by giving a suitable support environment, office automation program are intended to gain the knowledge staff in two days: Direct rewards are better control over function, due to fewer division of labor and fewer non-productive actions such as filling, record keeping and updating. Another profit would be indirect benefits, are less quantifiable, and could enrich the corporation through long-term profitability and growth.

These benefits may be less habbit on other department to get support with copying creating and comparable activities, much less need for techniques and control to monitor work flow between departments, increased specific job fulfillment due to higher personal effectiveness in carrying out the range of tasks, greater customer satisfaction, because of better details production and a more timely service, boost competitiveness of your organization through the improved make use of its details resource as well as its ability to reply to business stresses on chances.

IT applications have altered the nature of the workplace. Tasks which range from taking instructions to examining business plans are done applying computers rather than paper and pencil. Wherever people when relied done wherever and whenever it really is most convenient. Change (2001) offered that employing telecommunications technology as a substitute to get travel is usually one element of a tendency of bringing the work towards the workers as opposed to the workers for the work. Inside the same general vein, the phrase any place any kind of time significantly summaries the customer’s expectation that business will provide what the customers wishes, when and where the customer’s desires it.

While using fast and ever changing technology, communication plays a vital role in any business as this will allow their client as well as the company to interact at

an instant. Greater connectivity supports the continuing concurrence of calculating and connection whereby communication capabilities have grown to be essentials to several systems, and computing features have become necessary to communication systems. Consider the way in which sales people for many firms use touch-one telephones to get pricing information and get into orders. In these systems, the telephone becomes a info entry fatal for an information system. (Alter 2001)

Because the endeavor uses SMS technology in rendering the automated inquiry assistance, population within the texting industry will irrefutably needed. Olive (June sixteen, 2004) in his article stated the, the Philippines was cited just lately as Asia’s leader in short message service by CommunicAsia 2004, an annual telecommunication and broadcasting organised recently in Singapore. He further explained that there are currently 25 , 000, 000 mobile subscribers.

This extraordinary growth can be equated for the affordable and accessible portable service. At this time, SMS is becoming more popular and is also not restricted to personal utilization; different sectors of the inhabitants are now employing this technology to find competitive advantage in information technology.

Nowadays, the application of SMS technology great assists us inside our daily lives, most of the time we communicate with others through SMS. The proposed system allows the use of SMS technology for notification feature that directs message to the MIS head when a computer peripheral can be altered.


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