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Attendance monitoring system essay 3


This can be to approve that this record embodies the first work done by simply Saurebh Kumar Jain, Alguma Joshi and Bhupesh Kumar Sharma within this project submitter as a incomplete fulfillment in the requirement for the System Design Project of Professionals of Laptop Application 4 Semester, from the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.

Attendance Management System

Introduction: Attendance Management System is known as a software developed for daily student presence in schools, collages and institutes. In the event facilitates to gain access to the presence information of your particular college student in a particular class.

The info is fixed by the operators, which will be provided by the educator for a particular category. This system will likely help in assessing attendance membership and enrollment criteria of your student.

Purpose: The purpose of developing attendance management is to digital the traditions way of taking attendance. One more purpose pertaining to developing this kind of

applications are to generate the report immediately at the end in the session or perhaps in the between of the program Scope:

The scope from the project may be the system which the software is usually installed, my spouse and i.

e. the project is definitely developed as a desktop application, and it will be employed by a particular institute. But later on the job can be altered to operate this online.


Attendance Management

Technology Employed: Language: -VB. NET

Backend: -MS-Access

System Need: Minimum RAM MEMORY: -256 MB

Hard disk drive: -40 GB

Processor chip: -Intel Pentium 4

Operating System: -Windows XP Assistance Pack2

Summary: Attendance Management System basically has two primary modules pertaining to proper functioning

¢ First component is admin which has right for creating space for new batch. Any access of new teachers, Updation in

¢ Second module is definitely handled by the user that can be a presence, generating report. Attendance could be taken in 2 different ways:

¢ On such basis as Subject and month.


Attendance Management System

¢ On the basis of School.


Attendance Management System

Financially Feasibility: The device being created is economical with respect to University or Collage’s point of view. It truly is cost effective or in other words that has taken away the conventional paper work entirely.

The system is usually time effective because the computations are automatic which are manufactured at the end with the month or as per the customer requirement. The result obtained is made up of minimum problems and are highly accurate while the data is required.

Technical feasibility:

The technical requirement for the system can be economic and it does not employ any other additional Hardware and software.

Behavioral Feasibility:

The system working is quite simple to operate and learn due to the simple but attractive program. User requires no unique training for working the system.

Presence Management System

Working Of Present System In the present system most work is carried out on paper. The complete session presence is stored in register including the associated with the program the reviews are produced. We are certainly not interested in producing report in the midst of the session or as per the requirement as it takes more hours in calculation. At the end of session the students who don’t have 75% presence get a detect.



¢ Certainly not User Friendly: The existing system is not user friendly as the retrieval of data is very sluggish and data is not maintained successfully.

¢ Difficulty in statement generating: We all require even more calculations to create the record so it is generated at the end in the session. As well as the student not get a single possibility to improve all their attendance

¢ Manual control: All computations to generate record is done physically so there exists greater chance of errors.

¢ Lots of paperwork: Existing system needs lot of newspaper work. Decrease of even a solitary register/record led to difficult scenario because each of the papers will be needed to generate the reviews.

¢ Time consuming: Every single work is completed manually therefore we cannot generate survey in the middle of the session or perhaps as per the

requirement because it is very time consuming.


Attendance Management System



¢ Easy to use: – The proposed product is user friendlybecause the collection and saving of data is fast and data can be maintained proficiently. Moreover the graphical user interface is usually provided inside the proposed system, which provides user to deal with the machine very easily.

¢ Reports are easily generated: studies can be very easily generated in the proposed program so consumer can generate the report as per the need (monthly) or in the middle of the session. End user can give the notice for the students so he/she become regular.

¢ Very much less paper work: The recommended system needs very much less paper job. All the info is feted into the computer immediately and reports can be generated through computers. Additionally work become very easy because there is no need to continue to keep data in papers.

¢ Computer operator control: Computer operator control will be generally there so zero chance of mistakes. Moreover saving and retrieving of information is not hard. So operate can be done rapidly and in period.

Attendance Management

1 . Sign in Form

This login Kind is made For Secureness purpose. And so only Authenticated User just Access into the Project. You will discover two Form of persons can easily enter in the project

1 . Officer

2 . Customer


Attendance Management System

2 . Add Information Form

This type is showed when approved administrator makes its way into his correct User Brand and Username and password. This Form provides the option to complete the term of Learners and the term of Educator if a new faculty provides joined.

twenty three

Attendance Management System

3. College student Information Type

This form allows the Manager to complete the brand of Pupils and generally there Semester where the Student Identity will change immediately when a Scholar is saved in the

Database. And course Will Be remain same because this

Method is made for MCA Students.


Attendance Management System

4. Instructor Information Form

This Form is made for Administrator to fill up the name of teachers once teacher Identification is altered automatically. When a new teacher joined the collage its name also is as part of the System


Attendance Management

5. End user Form

This type is opened when consumer fill up his correct Consumer Name and Password and User Type Is user. The is definitely form allows the user to complete attendance of every student to see whish student is brief listed and what is the overall attendance of each and every individual attendance in a particular Subject in addition to a particular month


Attendance Management System

6th. Semester Kind

This form assists in the user to choose a session in which presence is to be packed. In this system we are using the

Last Semester and so when the consumer clicks on Semester4 the

list of Semester some students is come.


Attendance Management

7. Presence Form

This type is used to select subjects plus the month that attendance shall be filled up and have absolutely a list of college students. When a End user click to corresponding Check box and select save the scholars will be stated present and their attendance is usually added.


Attendance Management System

8. Statement Form

8. 1 . Short List Form

This form shows the list of Short shown students. We can see this list according to Subject wise and month wise. The moment user select view, in that case list is usually shown consequently.


Attendance Management System

eight. 2 . Presence Status Kind

This form shows the status of the students or we could say

number of classes attended in a particular subject in a

particular month. When consumer click on the ‘View Status’ press button of narrow your search form in that case this form will appear with the status.


Attendance Management System


The Attendance Management is designed using Visible Basic. NET fully complies with the targets of the system which it has been developed. The device has reached a steady point out where every bugs had been eliminated. The device is operated by a high level of efficiency and the professors and user associated with the system understands their advantage. The device solves the condition. It was intended to solve while requirement specs.


Attendance Management System


1 . The complete Reference Visual Standard. NET

2 . Commencing VB. NET (Wrox Publication)

three or more. System Evaluation and Design and style ” Parallelbezeichnung M. Awad

some. Software Engineering ” Roger Pressman


1 ) www.microsoft.com

2 . www.w3schools.com

a few. www.dotnetspider.com


Attendance Management System

Future Scope

Attendance Management System has its own

one particular

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