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Edmunds corrugated parts solutions essay

I. Problem Recognition

1 ) Demand about Edmunds Corrugated Parts and Services products are reducing. 2 . Remote location of its business.

3. High price of ram material.

4. Difficulty of replacing industrious and loyal existing employee.

2. Objectives

1 . To hold the company of its current standing in the industry in the future.

2 . To produce new parts and products that will remain competitive on new trends of shipping products.

several. To find different target market that could increase it is market share.

4. To train and develop highly skilled member of staff at an previous time to substitute the going workforce.

III. Analysis and Method

The case will be solved for the point of view of Mr. Lewis Edmunds the particular owner.

Methodology utilization in analysis ” SWOT Analysis


1 . Much more than 2 many years in existence.

2 . It includes hardworking and loyal workforce.

3. Sector leader with exceptional standing for dependability. 4. Business is at 75 percent

Weak points:

1 . Location is definitely rural.

2 . Products are not in the current technology.

a few. Revenues had been beginning to present clear indications of stagnation. 5. Current workers are nearing retirement.


1 ) Diversification of new and existing products.

2 . Features 50, 500 square ft . factory.

3. Younger workforce exists

some. Other alternative business venture is emerging.

5. Use the internet as being a marketing tool.


1 . Goods are going to be out of date.

2 . Paper industry is being wipeout.

3. Clients intend overseas to get a joint venture.

4. Surviving manufacturers are investing in high quality equipment that broke down less frequently.

IV. Option Courses of Actions

1 ) Develop new parts and product which will cater the modern machines use in manufacturing fresh shipping items. 2 . Help to make a research to branch out the organization to other locations to increase the share available in the market. 3. You should find an alternatives method to obtain materials just like durable plastics for shipping and delivery products. 4. Hire youthful workforce and develop their skills.

Versus. Conclusion / Recommendation:

The organization should always seem on the ever evolving market craze on developing and circulation on the industry. The business should conform quickly to keep its discuss in marketplace or expose machines that may keep market grow and lower production cost through automation.

All of the alternative methods of actions are recommended to keep the company progress and obtain its desired goals.


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