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Business proposal report to get mice marketplaces

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Research from Business Proposal:

MICE would be best suited to their location and why.

The region that I choose is Bogota Colombia. From the MICE acronym, I choose to hold conventions and Exhibitions in Bogota


Bogota can be described as prime place to go for conventions with a string of convention centers specially set up for its regular stream of arriving guests. Well-known meeting centers range from the Centro Ferial de Convenciones Corferias, Objeto de Convenciones y Eventos Cafam, as well as the Centro sobre Convenciones Gonzalo Jimenez sobre Quesada (Bogota, my metropolis! ).

The site “Bogota: tradition Bureau” studies that Bogota 2015 will have a new international convention Middle, and this will be a good opportunity to enrich their MICE Marketplace. They will also they may have new airport terminal which benefits the business travellers making air travel easier for us to arrive there and to attend conventions right now there.

Bogota as well is a place that will catch the attention of visitors mainly because it is a sensuous and scenic place which offers gourmet cooking, music, dancing, cultural interesting attractions, and a vibrant nightlife. The location was positioned 54th inside the 2010 Global Cities Index, (foreignpolicy. com. ) and is listed as global city of the Beta+ kind by GaWC (lboro. ac. uk), The Beta+ is one of the greatest rankings indicating the importance of Bogota as one of the central community cities and profitable abroad in terms of control and trade.

Its accommodations, many of them clustered in the place, have aggressively promoted themselves for visitors (including corporate visitors) and provide a mix of tradition and artistry. The area too has a huge infusion of hostels all of which are useful for tourists who aim longer stays on. For those who aim stop-overs, Bogota conveniently provides hotels sited near their El Dorado International Airport inside the Ciudad Salitre district. Additional to all of the, and repairing the developing number of visitors has been the internationally-renowned premier hotel chains which may have arrived in metropolis – such as Marriott, Hilton, Radisson, the Sheraton Hotels and resorts, and NH Hoteles, – since the 2000s (Bogota: convention Bureau. ). Visitors to these kinds of conventions might be concerned with Bogota’s notorious criminal offenses reputation yet crime provides noticeably rejected due to strenuous efforts to eliminate it. Inside the mid-1990s, Bogota was considered one of the most crime-ridden cities in the world (Comunidad Segura. (14/02/2007)). Since recent since 2007 nonetheless it experienced just one, 401 murders per 75, 000 habitants (ibid). This has largely recently been a result of the government’s impressive and integrative “Comunidad Segura” policy.


Bogota is actually a multicultural and cosmopolitan city. This means this showcases a diverse audience a number of whom is going to potentially be thinking about the displays.

Bogota also is a corporate city which offers greater likelihood that our exhibitions and conferences will be attended. Bogota may be the largest city in Colombia, and among the 30 largest cities on the planet. Adding to it is possibility of involvement in our displays is the fact the fact that people seem to be culturally oriented: Bogota is known for its various universities and libraries – it is, in fact , known as the “The Athens of South America” (Rincon, pdf). In 3 years ago, the city was nominated while World Publication Capital by simply UNESCO (Bogota: I love metropolis! Culture of Bogota), and that same year it was referred to as Cultural Capital of Ibero-America by the UCCI (Union of Capital Cities in Ibero-America) – the only nation to receive that ttile two times (it also received that in 1991) (ibid. )

Its ethnic and ethnic population involves people of Mestizo origin (mixed Amerindian and European descent). They also have a large sampling of Europeans (mainly Spanish) as well as a huge Middle-Eastern inhabitants (mainly Lebanese and Syrians). Some African-Americans have also chosen Bologna being a place to decide.

Aside from it is local human population, we can as well expect visitors to attend the exhibitions as tourism is now popular generally there largely due to the government’s intense efforts to draw it by improving protection and facilities and by launching aggressive promotion campaigns. In 2007, the Instituto Distrital de Turismo (District Institute of Tourism) was likewise established and has succeeded in making Bogota a sustainable tourist appeal.

Which promoting tools would you like to use to industry the vacation spot and so why. “

We will use social networking to market the destination. It is because social media is one of the most popular and reached tools today seen by all on a global size. Of the social websites tools utilized, we is going to set up a blog and website and perhaps use Facebook or myspace and Facebook too.

We will also encourage our jobs via tv (the town has many local and multiple satellite stations) and major radio networks and advertise them in flyers and in newspaper publishers (including in Bogota’s totally free paper, and) and relevant journals besides pasting flyers in eateries, certain shops, public advertisements, and in streets.

Being that we all intend to host conventions and implement exhibitions, we will have a not work set up in the hotels and museum exactly where we will be executing our situations. People manning these stalls will give away certain incentives to attract visitors.

Each of these marketing promotions will probably be preceded by intensive blended research (likely mainly studies, observations, netnographic research, selection interviews, and target groups) that could investigate goal audiences and best way in promoting marketing. We all will also converse with local company and government bodies as well as check out relevant regulations that we should be aware of, and analyze comparable events during the past to explore all their characteristics of success and failure. We will use these kinds of when building our situations.

The fact that Bogota is known as a center of telecommunications along with of printing and publishing (Bogota, my personal city! ) also serves to help each of our ends.

Question 2: “Make a clear and detailed evaluation of your destination in terms of financial, politic, cultural and technological factors. “


The growth of Bogota’s GDP price fluctuates. Between 2003 – 2006, for example, its GDP grew by 10. 3% annually, then again declined throughout the recession. This makes sense, seeing that much of the GDP hinges on tourism. The internet site “Bogota, my personal city! Economics in Bogota” reports that Bogota’s “GDP of U. S. $86 billion, almost a quarter of Colombia’s total, approximately 15, 000 USD per capita] is a fifth maximum among metropolitan areas in South usa. ” Bogota is the site of Colombia’s key stock exchange and is also a major importance / foreign trade center. It is additionally the revolves of Colombian business and has some of the most famous companies such as GMC Colmotores, Compania Colombiana Automotriz, and Ecopetrol ((Bogota, my own city! ). Bogota also is renowned for it is many banks (in fact, Bogota functions since the headquarters of crucial commercial banks). Bogota as well receives a sizable measure of the profits from its imports while using city being one of the main professional centers in Latin America and recognized for its imports. Its physical logistics help it to; exportations abroad and other regions of Colombia happen to be fast and efficient from its spot.

Client goods would be the main development of Bogota and this can be followed by service and capital goods. The town largely exports agricultural goods followed by chemicals and materials.

Despite all this richness, nevertheless , Bogota has additionally seen a corresponding within unemployment.

Governmental policies

Bogota is definitely the capital in the Republic of Colombia, and houses the most crucial buildings including the national legislature, the Supreme Court of Justice, the center of executive administration and the home of the Chief executive of Republic of colombia. The Area Council and Principal Mayor are responsible intended for city administration.

The city can be divided into 20 regions: Usaquen, Chapinero, Santa claus Fe, San Cristobal, Usme, Tunjuelito, Bosa, Kennedy, Fontibon, Engativa, Suba, Barrios Unidos, Teusaquillo, Mis Martires, Antonio Narino, Pasarela Aranda, La Candelaria, Rafael Uribe, Urbe Bolivar, Sumapaz. Each of these can be governed by a 7-member democratic board enhanced by well-liked vote. Community mayors happen to be nominated by administrative plank and put into their position by the Principal Mayor (Bogota my city! Politics in Bogota)


The 2005 census showed that Bologna acquired 6, 778, 691 residents in its metropolis (Visit Colombia) with roughly 4, 310 inhabitants living per sq . km. All their gender demographics are almost balanced.

Bologna has two problems: assault and poverty; the one a subset of some other. Only 32. 6% of its people live in lower income (subsisting upon approximately $2 a day based on the 2005 census. Poverty and violence are also two factors that have caused Bolognas to flee rural places and settle inside the city. A lot of displaced folks are therefore seen in the cities of Bologna leading to creation of what has been named ‘Misery Belts’.

As described before, Bologna’s population is usually comprised of Europeans, African-Americans, and folks from the Middle East and also their own distinct people of Mestizo beginning.

Bogota too has (as of 2009) 54.99 museums, 62 art galleries, thirty-three library networks, 45 level theatres, seventy five sports and attraction recreational areas, and over 150 national typical monuments (I love Bogota! Culture in Bogota). Bogota can be famed due to its art and culture. It really is known as the “The Athens of South America” (Rincon, pdf). In 3 years ago

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