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History and development of st peter lifeplan essay

Francisco œTatay Bautista had discovered to deal with life™s hardship from a young age. He occupied a small cultivated fields and worked as a father and player in San Mateo and dreamt of the better future after a day™s work seated on top of a carabao. He grew up to a man fiercely determined to achieve success. His triumphs over the impediment that he encountered and his immeasurable trust in God were his method to obtain strength and guidance as he worked his way up making his dream a reality.

N. Planning Stage

Being the noted carpenter inside their place, the family members in the person who died asked him to make casket because during that time, only those who are part of well-known and wealthy households could afford to buy cases from the casket manufacturing companies. Mister. Bautista saw the elegance between individuals who belong to poor people and rich families according to the quality of funeral solutions they receive when they die.

And so when he received a small capital to start with, he and his precious wife Basilisa œNanay Roque-Bautista founded St . Peter Existence Plan, Inc. in Pampanga to serve the demands of the the indegent at the cost they can manage. Upon the establishment with their business, they have the following details:


The St . Peter Selection of Companies are Loss of life Care Professionals, the choice of every Filipino inside the delivery of world-class Death Care companies ” a progressive spouse in country building.


Because Death Attention Experts and responsible individuals, we invest in improve the quality lifestyle of St . Peterians, their very own stakeholders and the Filipino persons.


The key towards the long-term accomplishment of St Peter is definitely how very well every part of the organization sees their Corporate Values. * God-centered ” As St . Peterians, they may be prayerful, genuine, moral and committed to promote the Word of God, experiencing, loving and consistently modelling a true St Peterian lifestyle. * Superiority ” Pre-loaded with a winning attitude and fixed to be the finest, they agree to achieve maximum performance and to stretch their particular limits through personal and professional creation in order for them to give all they are doing for the glory of God. 5. Teamwork – St . Peterians are encouraging, assertive, reliable and open to diversity. They build passion and pull their energies from one another. Their feeling of relatives unites them to become Fatality Care authorities. * Ethics – They are really committed to boost the comfort, transparent, reliable and to do what is prior to God plus the country. They may be what they worth. * Customer care – That they serve one another. They believe that everyone is a client.

It is their very own commitment towards the plan owners, internal and external lovers to be reliable-prioritizing their needs and innovate all their services. 2. Employee Fulfillment – Interesting their personnel, associates, co-workers and associates to bring out your best in these people. They are dedicated to care for their very own employee™s welfare, growth and development for the brings about an excellent sense of proprietorship and pride about what they do. 5. Professionalism – As St Peterians, they can be objective, regimented, ethical, respectful, fair and simply in all all their dealings. They will present themselves well at their appearance and words.


The constant efforts and fortitude of Francisco Bautista bore fruit when he proven another company which later on provide worldclass Death Treatment Service- the St . Philip Memorial Places of worship, Inc. The main location of the explained business is located at No. 296 Quezon Opportunity, Roxas District, Quezon City.

St . Peter Life Strategy, Inc. ongoing to expand until it started to be known across the country.

They established first-class buildings with complete establishments on distinct regions and provinces in the country in order to give the satisfaction-maximizing services for their customers. They hired even more employees with higher wages than before to handle their businesses and divisions.

With over 40 years of experience in Death Attention on 2006, St . Peter Life Strategy, Inc. acquired branches and mortuary tie-ups, or parti with funeral service companies in every major town and key areas all around the Philippines. It led the industry by simply ranking initially in revenues in the life plan category of the pre-need industry selling over 25, 000 plans in 2003.

On 04 27, 2010, the St Peter Mega Chapel in Cebu City was launched. It’s the newest and one of the most significant funeral sophisticated in Visayas. It is situated near commercial establishments at the New Imus Streets near Ayala Cebu Center. This Ultra Chapel is a spacious and fabulous building with an ambiance which is close to a 5-star Lodge and features amazing architectural designs and a relaxing atmosphere. It features spacious and stylish viewing bedrooms, a caske showroom and a state-of-the-art crematorium that uses hi-tech and earth-friendly cremation machines. A room which could hold a lot more than 350 site visitors, St . Philip Mega Church can be an alternate reception area for any occasion. With its superb facilities and genuine customer care, ST . Peter Chapels is truly world-class.

Since its inception in 2006, a total of two hundred eighty four St Peterian Embalmers have handed the Embalmer™s Licensure Examination through the Embalmer™s Licensure Plan of St . Peter Places of worship. It aims to professionalize the embalming occupation not only in every single St . Peter Chapels although also in the Philippine DeathCare Service industry.


St . Peter now operates three (3) elite memorial chapels inside the heart of commercial district of Quezon City, Cebu City and Davao City which have been providing specialist and traditional services for the public for more than 42 years. Currently, you will find more than two hundred St . Peter Chapels willing to serve

the public with superior quality memorial service services across the country. St . Philip Life Prepare Inc. in addition has St . Philip Cremation Program now with any office located by Quezon Metropolis. St . Peter Chapel is among the seven distinguished winners in the 2012 Oriental Funeral Expo (AFE) Prizes, the premier award for the funeral service industry throughout the Asia-Pacific location. Saint Peter Life Plan, Inc. continually excel in its role in society as the DeathCare Authorities, by maintaining it is leadership inside the DeathCare market and in product development in the market just like Customized At-Need and Pre-Need Packages, Loss of life Event Management and identical Pre-Need Programs.

On top of its superb DeathCare services, St . Peter Places of worship is also praised for its ground breaking value-added companies collectively referred to as the St . Peter eServices, specially: 1 . eBurol (online viewing)

installment payments on your eLibing (online interment)™

3. Amazing Tribute (life-story audio-visual presentation) and, 4. St . Peter™s Gate (memorial networking site).

The St . Peter Band of Companies always strive to present reliable and outstanding DeathCare services not simply for the Filipino also for any nationality who will be needing quick services anytime and anywhere in the Korea.

The St Peter Group of Companies continue to be support the employees by giving them chance for their specialist growth and development. The Management Advancement Program (MDP), dubbed as œUnlad Talento, is designed to support St . Peter employees to better understand the organization environment and additional sharpen their very own knowledge, skills and attitude towards different areas of administration. MDP is known as a ten-month very long program of courses in the Masters of Business Administration curriculum which is facilitated by Mr. Albert Buenviaje, Leader of the Istituto superiore Graduate School of Business and also the St . Peter MDP Program Representative. This year, fifty participants from various St . Peter Places of worship and office buildings nationwide had been carefully selected to undergo this kind of learning chance.

As part of the company™s value pertaining to employee fulfillment, a new health-related program premiered to respond for the needs of SPLPI employees to face friends and family illnesses as well as with confidence. Every employees can continue to acquire exactly the same health advantages with the bonus of access to safe and affordable health-related benefits for his or her qualified household. The company takes care of hospital bills.

St . Philip Life Prepare, Inc. is usually taking one more step forward to help eliminate the associated with El Niño and greenhouse gases. St . Peter, with the support of Green Earth Foundation, Incorporation. (GELFI) roll-outs ™™Soul Trees™™ a carbon dioxide off-setting system which should plant fresh trees and save our environment. This program signifies their maintain Mother Nature with strong dedication to protect this. It aims to further present public consciousness on the importance of a holistic approach to agro forestry and community development through actively engaging in re-forestration most importantly to areas most impacted by deforestation. St . Peter personnel and representatives take part in sowing a total of 70, 500 trees in Luzon as the Spirit Trees Task begins.

An additional St . Peter initiative to lessen carbon dioxide release is the transformation of their Provincial hearses via Petrol to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) operated machines. ST . Peterians also positively advocate The planet Hour ” a global function organized simply by World Wide Finance. It promotes households and businesses to show off their unnecessary lights and other electric powered appliances for starters hour to make awareness on the need to take actions on weather change.


The business dreams to continue their success and abundance for decades to come. Now in time, St . Peter Life Plan, Incorporation. plans to expand the organization by adding even more branches throughout the Philippines to extend and further enhance their services to every Filipino home.


Essentially, St . Peter Life Plan Inc. now has four types of business: The life span

Insurance coverage; the Casket Manufacturing Business which is found in Pampanga; the St . Peter Chapels that provides funeral solutions; and the Crematory business.

Based on the previous info, St . Philip Life Strategy, Inc. began as a small business operated with a carpenter-farmer known as Francisco Bautista. From a small organization, it advanced into a much larger business and became a company. It probably is known from your different places in the Korea and became easier and modern.


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