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Homeless monologue essay

The task we’ve been set is to write a monologue about a character that has presented in the last couple of lessons, Link, Vince, Carole or Mother from the extract from the novel Stone Chilly. Or, if we dont might like to do one of them we are able to be someone who is currently living on the roadways. We also need to write about the set, attires, lighting, noises and stage sets that we could use to suit the characters personality and feelings. The character I use chosen to do is a different homeless person. This way, I can invent the smoothness myself and play these questions complete diverse way. I am able to give them virtually any background and virtually any personality. The personality I have chosen to get my personality is a strong one because they have been living on the pavements for a number of years.

Halloween costume, sound, light, set and props. The costume that I would have is a simple one particular. Grubby sneakers, torn jeans and tee shirt, jersey or jacket with dirt on it. In this way I can show the audience what can look prefer to live on the streets. I wouldnt include any music for after i am performing, but I might just have daily noises including traffic, people talking to reveal the location. As I would be around the streets at night time, I would just have places of light to represent street lamps, and it will be quite darkish to represent time of working day. I would possess a carrier tote of newspaper publishers, maybe a sleeping bag. The set can also have a number of leaves to give the persona something to complete while they can be talking to the audience, and I can also interact with the group making the need for props less essential.

My characterMy figure would talk to the audience like they are informing a story. We would talk usual to these people as if We am sharing with a story to a friend then simply get more angry when I begin to talk about that they dont know whats that like to go on the roads. My figure would move like a desolate person, they might have their mind down, they can shuffle their particular feet, they will keep their hands within their pockets most of the time as they are cold, theyd be looking around at all times for probably the police, or someone to look for money. They are often scratching from nits or perhaps lice.

MonologueSome spare modify please? For a cuppa? To decorate my living room? Of course, I actually live on the streets. I dont have an area to live in. We dont also live! We survive. My names Charlie, not that you care, and I dont expect you to remember that. I came up here4 yrs ago now. I actually came looking for adventure and did My spouse and i get it? Yes, I did.

How did We get here? Blame the parents. That’s what my own mum accustomed to say when ever she did find a kid undertaking something wrong. And yeah, I actually blame all of them for me released on to the roads. My dad reckoned you might teach youngsters better thingsLike the back of a hand. He used to defeat me. Ha-fucking-ha. Of course, I see you pass by me all the time. Similar to most, You fumble in your pouches for money and find simply paper. Yet do you offer that? Number Im worth only 10p or 20p to most of you. And i also remember encounters. To you, My spouse and i probably appear like all the other folks, indistinguishable from your rest of the encounters covered inside the crap on this city.

Its cold might not be it. Although its summer season. This place can be cold all year round, faceless, cold, uninviting. But you lot wouldnt know. They are all nice and cosy inside your nice warm homes between a adoring family. You dont know what its like on the roads. Not knowing when ever or what youre gonna eat following. Not knowing wherever youre sleeping tonight.

But hey, thats homelessness. Being homeless might not be missing your train and sleeping with the station upon those crappy chairs. Its like a disease, a cancer spreading. No person cares, why exactly should they? If this hasnt took place to you, that isnt your concern. Just like other conditions, you think you can get rid of that with medicines. It needs funds, funding to get a cure. WeAre the human frosty. You know their there however you have to endure it, imagine it never exist. Continue with life.

Living like this makes me feel as if life is a rollercoaster with no brakes, or Im being placed in car that we have no control over. Impact is coming. Is it a spend? I never think my life is. If this was, My spouse and i wouldnt want your money, or guilt. That they amount to comparable thing. 58p. 58p. 58 fucking pence. And thats what you gave me during several days. Well it was nice chatting. I acquired to get to sleeping.

Got an earlier start another day catching you lot whenever you come out of Waterloo Station. In case you pass by right now there you might discover me and my dog. He, in least I think its a he, hasnt got a name, these things are pointless on the roads. Can you keep in mind mine? Didnt think so. No one cares anyway. Thanks for listening, recently been nice approach someone else. That makes a modify. Just not the change I want.

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