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Jane eyre and class system essay

In Bronte’s time, the Victorian era, class system still enjoyed a huge role in culture. People of a specific class could often look down on people from another class. Class was something you were born into. It was almost impossible to shift from one class to a different. In the story Jane Eyre, Bronte reveals a very groundbreaking character because aspect. Charlotte now Bronte is crucial about the students system and tries to display that through Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre is certainly not influenced by social category system, mainly because she adjustments between several classes, contains a strong personality which allows her to ignore the practices of the school system, and she does not judge other folks on their class, but rather on the character.

Jane is not fixed to one particular class, but instead changes between several classes. During her the child years, she is elevated within the prosperous Reed’s family members (Bronte 1). However , she is not viewed as family, mainly because she is a great orphan.

She actually is born in the working school and for that reason she’s ill-treated by Reed’s family members (Godfrey 853). This turns into clear when ever John Reed addresses Anne: “you can be a dependant, mamma says; you have no money; your father left you probably none; you ought to plead, and not live with gentlemen’s kids like us (Bronte 7). She still remains through this class placement when your woman attends Lowood school, a school intended for orphans. At the age of eighteen, the girl becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall, and her position changes.

As she makes her money by instructing a student, her position moves up wards somewhere between the working class as well as the middle school (Godfrey 857). In the rich Mr Rochester she meets her husband to be, but when she discovers that he is hitched to another female she works off (Bronte 379). With almost nothing, she has to plead with for foodstuff which gives her placement to the reduced class (Bronte 431). Once her granddad dies, your woman inherits a large number of money, which enables her to ascend up to the central class (Bronte 500).

Knowing that Mr Rochester’s wife died, she is at this point able to get married to him as their positions are the same. Jane Eyre does not evaluate others prove class, but rather on their personality. As is mentioned before, Jane would not belong to one particular class, yet shifts between two extreme conditions of the school system. At the start Jane would not feel comfortable about superior people. This might had been a result of her childhood where she was ill-treated. Nevertheless , she quickly learns to judge people issues character rather than their school status.

Initial we see just how Jane feels drawn to Bessie, the cleaning service, who is the only person during her hard years as a child who cares regarding her: “She had a capricious and rash temper, ¦, still including she was, I recommended her to any one else at Gateshead Hall (Bronte 41). Down the line we see just how she creates a close romantic relationship with Helen Burns, who may be a friend in Lowood, and in addition with Miss Temple, the top teacher. These examples happen to be people from your lower or perhaps working classes. We likewise see that Her criticizes Mister Brocklehurst, whom belongs to a better class, because of his wrong and hypocrite behaviour.

This individual tells girls at Lowood: “my quest is to mortify in these girls the lusts of the flesh, to teach these to clothe themselves with shamefacedness and sobriety, not with wrapped hair and costly apparel (Bronte 86). Yet, his own better half and daughters are dressed up luxurious. The main example features course Mr Rochester. Her Eyre typically reflects on his character, yet never really in the class: “I believed he was naturally a guy of better habits, higher concepts, and more pure tastes than such as conditions had produced, education instilled, or future encouraged (Bronte 193).

Her love intended for him is founded on his character and not on his class. Jane has a solid character which usually enables her to ignore the traditions with the social course system. In the Victorian era, women had been still regarded as inferior to men. At a certain stage during her stay at Thornfield Corridor, she communicates her thought about this: “Women are supposed to always be very peaceful generally: yet women feel just as gentleman feel; they want exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts just as much as their siblings do (Bronte 146).

This shows that Her has a distinct view from your traditional one, namely that she considers that women will be equal to men. At a later stage in her life, when she follows twenty 1, 000 pounds from her uncle, she also responds different from the conventional standards. The girl wants to divide the money similarly with her nephew and cousins (Bronte 505). However , St John calls this “contrary for all custom (Bronte 507), because normally an individual from a lesser class will keep the money for himself.

So Bronte shows that this wounderful woman has a critical approach to the cultural class system by presenting Jane’s ground-breaking character, and letting her break throughout the traditions from the class system. She is certainly not influenced by the social course system, because instead of becoming fixed to one particular class, Her changes in one class to the other. The girl starts out like a working category girl being raised in a middle class environment, and shifts to and fro until the girl finally ends in the middle course. She also examines people prove character instead of their school, and her strong individuality enables her to ignore the standards in the social category.


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