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Learning journals in bigger and analysis proposal

Learning Styles, Reflective, Reflection, High school graduation

Excerpt from Research Pitch:

One result is that in spite of being taught how to guide them with a journal in the context of your independent file format, most students used a format preferred by teacher which usually demonstrates a possible “lack of proficiency with reflective writing” (2002, g. 343), and therefore almost all of the learners were not whatsoever familiar with reflective writing methods and made a decision to adhere to a format even more in line with what the teacher predicted or preferred. Another end result is that 57% of the posted journals apparently have become more critical and self-reflective toward the end with the course, indication that these college students had in fact become more proficient as refractive writers due to keeping track of their thoughts and successes.

As to abilities and failings related to this article, it is crystal clear that Langer is a master of academic attention, due to his ability to talk about and go over rather complicated data and information. However , his publishing style is usually not so overwhelmingly congested with extrapolation for the point of becoming unreadable, ones own the case with other academic works written by very prominent scholars. Langer also chose to use bullet titles as a way of separating his basic suggestions from the remaining text, including in the 1st section of his research methods.

Langer also contains some of the queries that were asked of the students during the interview process, one being their very own reaction to the requirement to keep a learning journal-

“reactions had been mixed and frequently prejudicial… a single student sensed insulted, inches feeling that journal composing “seems better suited children” (2002, g. 344). About weaknesses, after a very close browsing of Langer’s article, there appears to be non-e, due to the fact that Langer’s academic design provides all the proper data and details needed to figure out his disagreement without cluttering up the webpage with unnecessary facts and figures.

Reflectively speaking, Langer’s excellent document provides a fresh glimpse in to how important it can be for students at the university level to record their thoughts, ideas and concepts within a journal. Certainly, this technique may be utilized in high schools as well as at the intermediate level which usually would give students a sort of jump start on what to expect at a university, particularly if their main is in among the hard sciences, such as computer technology, engineering and medicine.

Langer’s methodology regarding conducting his research is likewise somewhat ground breaking, due to offering summaries coming from all his sections so that the audience does not become confused and knows beforehand what to expect over the following section/heading. Langer also utilizes a strict adherence to the APA design which independently is not surprising, considering that most academic documents with education as this issue uses the APA style, not to mention being a requirement by simply most log editors and publishers.

During the completion of this assignment, presently there occurred simply no insurmountable difficulties or problems, due to the fact that Langer expresses him self in a most enlightening academics style and seems to recognize that a small percentage of readers may not be that progressive with this task, something which signifies on the part of learners that they should consider keeping some form of learning diary if intended for no various other reason compared to a form of academic practice.


Langer, a. M. (2002). Reflecting upon practice: employing learning magazines in larger and training. Teaching in Higher Education, 7(3), 337-352.

Petersen, M. N. (2005). nontraditional students in

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