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What is a learning knowledge essay

When I think about “Learning Experience, ” I believe of every circumstance someone detects themselves in as a learning experience. People have not traditionally used that phrase in relating to more formal learning interventions – i. at the. classroom, but from a learner’s point of view, both technically and privately, in private, that’s just what is happening: learners are suffering from something that, ideally, results in an alteration in thinking, understanding, or behavior afterwards.

Learning encounters are a way to consider what a learning intervention might be (i.

e. – its design) in the circumstance of preferred end goals and outcomes. This can then simply inform each of our choices about how communication programs and settings, learning activities, and solutions come together to best support the end goals and final results, and also just how these stations and actions may develop over time. Certainly in this framework, a learning intervention is something that is much more than what has traditionally been thought of as “content. “

In thinking about precisely what is currently regarded as learning articles, I think of something comparable to a page by a textbook (that offers its fetch in web-affiliated training) with which one “reads” and then “interacts” with in some way.

That definition of learning content and learner interaction represents a really narrow and limited perspective of exactly what a university learning knowledge can be and generally limits the type of learning to regarding recognizing or perhaps memorizing certain facts, methods, and principles exemplified in the deployment of web-based, self-directed individual learning experiences generally called e-learning.

Learning articles can be thought of much more commonly and inclusively. This could show that learning articles could actually include not only the “whats” but the “hows” of learning. For example , learning content in the context of learning encounters could include a collection of specific content methods, content pointers, functional tools or tool pointers, activity descriptions, and assessments that, when helped bring together, include a particular pedagogical model. Actually the reverse could also be learning content – a pedagogical model explaining the types of learning resources, equipment, and activities needed to accomplish learning outcomes. So you could think of learning content since collections of pedagogical designs and series of resources that be involved in shaping an individual’s learning encounter that are lined up with learning outcomes and positive activities that come from the knowledge.

Another part of learning content is the artifacts produced through the learning encounter. Besides the explanation above, learning content models should also become collaborative or cooperative with resources and activities assisting the scholars working together to make a learning artifact. A learning artifact could be anything based on an authentic learning activity or perhaps experience such as a model, laptop code, diagram or even the ubiquitous PowerPoint display. As these artifacts are created and evaluated during the learning procedure, they then turn into learning solutions that can be used iteratively for others in similar or more advanced experiences. These concepts allow us to blend knowledge management and single/double loop company learning into our idea of learning articles.

Conceptually, this kind of represents a shift from the typical watch of articles managed by a typical cms, with the assumption that when articles is simply offered to a student that he or she is going to just “learn” from this – that somehow learning (and especially learning to perform or understand) is transmitted from the content to the novice. With that perspective of content and of the learner’s experience, then is actually no surprise that critics with the pedagogical merits of SCORM view it to be “limited. “

When I think about learning experience in the context of this effort by ADL, I define them as a model that will enable higher order learning outcomes being realized. This may occur simply by expanding in our understanding of learning content to include specific collections of learning assets, tools, and activities led by pedagogical models. This is sometimes conceptualized as a problem-based, collaborative-based approach shaped and tailored to fulfill specific learning goals nevertheless I believe it is even much more than that.  Learning activities as currently being thought of simply by ADL can provide an interoperable and reusable means for design and style and/or home organization of learning actions that are pedagogically sound, permitting the attainment, assessment, and tracking of higher order learning outcomes.


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