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Maladaptive perfectionism term paper

Intellectual Dissonance, Excessive Compulsive Disorder, Aesthetics, Key Depressive Disorder

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Doctor Mai Rizk

Perfectionism, could it be something which good or bad?

What is Perfectionism?

Downsides of Perfectionism

Perfectionism within just everyday

Benefits of Perfectionism


Perfectionism is often thought to be a character trait that is undesirable generally in most areas in life, especially when it comes to social relationships and even at some level professional relationships (Benson, 2014). Although professional relationships generally admire perfectionists and their capacity to go above and beyond what is required of which, it can also result in overwhelming anxiety and unnecessary conflicts. Perfectionists believe that persons do not need neither deserve second chances if perhaps they make an effort their best for something. The inherent problem with this declaration is flawlessness is hard to come by and when feeling are involved, flawlessness is almost or perhaps completely no.

Perfection is restricted and model of situations is very subjective. Therefore it is best to give people second possibilities in order to enable one’s personal not only a better relationship with all the individual or group, but also to mature psychologically as a man. I me personally agree that perfectionism can be described as pointless burden because it generates too much anxiety and requirements that most cannot meet. (In fact most psychologists and sociologists see perfectionists develop obsessive addictive disorder and neuroticism because of the attempt at staying perfect, want it is just in human nature to get perfect. A good example is Gwyneth Paltrow) Certainly, people should aim to become the best they may be, but presently there should always be room for problem as possibly machines make mistakes.

II. Precisely what is Perfectionism?

The definition of perfectionism can be defined in psychology being a personality feature characterized by could be need to shoot for flawlessness through setting really high requirements related to several areas in every area of your life like magnificence, job overall performance, and so forth. Along with these actions comes an overwhelming have to critically evaluate the self and also worries more than other’s tests. It is regarded as a multidimensional characteristic that psychologists look at as having both unfavorable and positive aspects. The negative aspects of perfectionism drive people towards pressure through tries at obtaining impossible values or desired goals. This is known as the maladaptive form. The adaptable form of perfectionism helps someone motivate him/herself to reach his/her objectives enabling progress and success inside the individual’s life. Because perfectionism is so goal oriented in its nature and positive feelings are thus associated with achieving the goals set forth, when ever goals are generally not accomplished, perfectionists can sometimes get caught in depression “In addition, Hierarchical regression analyses provided part support intended for the diathesis-stress model, that may be, socially approved perfectionism interacted with daily hassles to predict contingency suicide potential even after controlling pertaining to depression, pessimism, and before suicide attempt” (Hewitt, Caelian, Chen Flett, 2014, l. 663).

Furthermore, perfectionism may be damaging to a person’s self-esteem in its pathological form. It could be damaging in lots of ways. For instance, if goals are certainly not met, a number of the reactions from your perfectionist express in handlungsaufschub in order to postpone objectives/tasks and self-loathing/depreciation when utilized to write off poor overall performance or in social human relationships, seek affirmations and sympathy from others. Perfectionists that fall into the maladaptive type of perfectionism constantly feel the pressure to meet their particular self-imposed excessive standards. The pressure creates cognitive dissonance because they cannot meet their own objectives, targets. Several mental and physiological complications develop from these kinds of emotional distress related to maladaptive perfectionism.

3. Cons of Perfectionism

One particular notoriously recognized complication by perfectionism is definitely depression and suicide. The reason is , they cannot deal with the stress of obtaining not met their objective and expectations but think they have to present a “perfect visage” to the world in particular in order to for least cover their growing imperfections. For that reason need to preserve a perfect picture, they often usually do not seek support for their mental turmoil and end up being by higher risk pertaining to suicide. Perfectionists are sometimes people that appear to be they live the perfect your life when in reality it’s every just a mask hiding incredible pain and despair. “Together, these findings suggest that socially prescribed perfectionism acts as a weakness factor that may be predictive of suicide potential or risk among medically depressed teenagers (Hewitt, Caelian, Chen Flett, 2014, s. 663).

One more commonly connected psychological side-effect with perfectionism is fanatical compulsive disorder. “Theorists have got linked perfectionism with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for almost a century. The association has become suggested by authors via diverse theoretical perspectives which includes psychoanalytic and cognitive behavioral models” (Frost Steketee, 2002, p. 91). This mental illness manifests because of the panic of not satisfying the perfect specifications the person areas on him or herself. “a form of perfectionism starts the development of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER. early precursors of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER involved a sense of never having performed activities in precisely the right method. This sense of imperfection leads tofeelings of uncertainty” (Frost Steketee, 2002, s. 91). Excessive compulsive disorder can be crippling and can express even more intense feelings of perfectionism and perfectionist behavior leading to cyclical cause and effect. Maladaptive perfectionism implies that perfectionism is incredibly unhealthy to most people, especially when carried for the extreme which regularly happens.

The physiological element of maladaptive perfectionism is the laziness and prokrastination that comes from the frustration of not being able to meet goals and expectations. A good example is of a girl perfectionist who also strives to keep what is perceived to be a “perfect” weight of 110 lbs. On a five foot, five inch framework. She tries to eat less and then ultimately starts binging. The lady sees the weight around the scale increase and finally relinquishes her objective. Feeling guilt ridden from not meeting her standards, she continues to gain weight and ends up three hundred lbs. (Instances of this possess happened in individuals that will be perfectionists which explains why it is more negative than positive to be a perfectionist and also to strive for these kinds of high criteria. )

IV. Perfectionism inside everyday life

Perfectionism appears in all of the areas of everyday life. It can can be found in organization, writing, aesthetics and neatness, physical appearance, and even personal and well being cleanliness. Although people may understand perfectionism as being useful in other locations like the place of work, that is not always the case. Perfectionist may get thus caught up with irrelevant information, that they dismiss their key tasks and frequently fail to satisfy deadline, and for that reason generating low productivity. This may also cause social indifference and once again, depression along with “workplace occurrences. ” “According to the perfectionism social disconnection model (PSDM), perfectionism causes social disconnection (e. g., isolation, solitude, and alienation) which brings about depressive symptoms” (Sherry ainsi que al., 2012, p. 370).

Even the ones that do meet deadline and are able to very clear objectives might end up working themselves towards the point of exhaustion as some of the attributes associated with perfectionism especially in the maladaptive form is fear of failure and workaholic behavior. Furthermore, since perfectionists often demand a more methodized and activity oriented environment, their fear of failure and self-placed excessive pressure can lead to inflexibility and inability to adapt to conceivable problems or changes. Inflexibility and failure to handle alter frequently causes extreme works such as violence and even homicide as some cases of perfectionism have resulted in murder suicides in household households. Those who are perfectionists at times feel like they cannot turn to any individual for support and thus try to solve all their problems by themselves. “Correlational examines showed that depression was associated with socially prescribed perfectionism, internalized emotion-oriented coping, avoidant-oriented distancing, and low family support and peer support” (Flett, Druckman, Hewitt Wekerle, 2011, s. 118).

Sixth is v. Pros of Perfectionism

Persons especially in a professional establishing like perfectionists and perfectionist behavior mainly because adaptive perfectionism leads to high levels of specifications and substantial productivity. Within an article speaking about student output and procrastination, they affiliated adaptive perfectionist traits with reduced amounts of procrastination and higher numbers of self-motivation. “mediation analyses pictured students with stronger self-determined motivation as less likely to procrastinate plus more likely to achieve higher GPAs because of substantial personal standards” (Burnam, Komarraju, Hamel Nadler, 2014, p. 1). Though this is the advantages of some individuals, the incidence of adaptive perfectionism is much less than cases of maladaptive perfectionism (Pascucci, 2014). However there exists a place for perfectionism in professional options, especially in the organization sector mainly because value is put on effort and high standards.

Perfectionists bring to the table a willingness to work beyond normal targets and see items through to it is completion. There is also a level of gewandtheit and focus on detail that adaptive perfectionists have that no other styles possess. Because of this, many of these individuals are often effective and well liked within culture. They have the energy and the travel to do what is necessary and accomplish what is thought to be difficult. They are often the refiners of society, wanting to better what is made or perhaps make something that betters what already exists.

Higher quality is one of the most beneficial qualities of adaptable perfectionism. “Results indicated that adaptive perfectionism

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