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Motivational article why do i require this course

Study Plan

Study Plan

My name is Soyol-Erdene. I was created on ’07 July 85. Thus I had studied in the Orkhon Subset of National University or college of Mongolia as a lender in 2004-2008 as well managed to graduate from that successfully.

During the study various professional themes were examined by myself with superb interest which include marketing, supervision, business plan, study on finance and economic system, kompanys fund, financial control, inspection, economic management, point out finance, economical investment and so forth

The financial program pursuits me as it makes possible to enhance my degree. Actually it fits with my specialist aim to become a very good financier and economist.

In todays globalizing society, studying in foreign high produced country to get very significant to bring creation to own business and people development. I’ve information about Oriental education system which is excellent at trying theoretical know-how to the practice work hence it damaged me to select it.

Studying with people via various countries, learning chosen experience of such countries as a result sharing data to be required for the human advancement. Due to my personal studies, I am aware that my own Chinese Language expertise are still to increase. I have researched Chinese a bit, but its certainly not perfect but. But I constantly make an effort to improve me personally by doing personal work. Besides it is one of the reasons I want to live and research in Cina. For my point of view, their the best way to get good accentuate and discuss true Oriental, not only based upon readings.

Regarding a citizen, I would really prefer to give my own contribution for the development of my personal country as it can be as I can easily on studying well in the Peoples Republic of Cina.

I have various advantages to study successfully and keep studying with majoring on my profession with no difficulties further more. I have shown some of my own study program as follows.

Analyze successfully majoring on my own qualification at the Shandong University.

Diligently learn most subjects in accordance with appropriate term and designed hours.

Become familiar the students who may have the same uses as well learn from Chinese record, culture, and life.

Very well keeping learning in the expert training about finance in the Shandong University or college.

I hope you will look favorably on my app, study prepare and that Let me hear from you in the near future.

Yours faithfully

Soyol- Erdene house abuse

My name is Chuluun-Erdene. I graduated from supplementary school of Bayan-Ondor Soum, Erdenet. I was one of good student from the 7th secondary school received various medals in Russian Language and Mathematics competition on my high school graduation. I want to study at Beihua University as international economics and transact. Therefore receiving this scholarship grant is a big opportunity great life and chance to be intelligent understanding person that I dreamed of but it will surely be opening door to the my long term.

While Mongolia and China have been completely neighbors, various Mongolians are curious about China as well as its language and culture and also Mongolians are definitely more familiar about China than any other country in the world. Initial reason of selecting China is that Iâ? meters familiar with nation, secondly China is getting a lot more influential learning it gives me more benefits in the future.

The international economics and transact program interests me because it gives me great intellectual. In todays globalizing society, learning in foreign high created country to get very significant to bring expansion to own business and individuals development. I have information about Chinese language education program which is excellent at attempting theoretical know-how to the practice work hence it afflicted me to choose it.

Studying with people by various countries, learning chosen experience of this sort of countries thus sharing info to be required for the human expansion. Due to my own studies, I realize that my personal Chinese Language skills are still to improve. I have studied Chinese just a little, but its not perfect yet. But I actually constantly make an effort to improve myself by doing personal work. Besides it is one of the reasons I want to live and examine in Chinese suppliers. For my personal point of view, it is the best way to get good accent and talk true China, not only depending on readings.

For a citizen, I would really prefer to give my personal contribution for the development of my country as is possible as I may on learning well in the Peoples Republic of Chinese suppliers. As for me, I have total confidence in myself that I am in a position to study Chinese as more quickly as I may. I have various advantages to study successfully and keep studying with majoring in the profession without the difficulties additional.

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