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Rational emotive behaviour remedy theory example

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theory make it the best for the customer in the case analyze?

Ana lost her job and worries that she’d soon must be homeless as there is no money to back up herself. In addition her spouse has been implemented in the war zone and this lady has to raise their very own son exclusively which overpowers her. In addition, she worries regarding her husband all the time leading to stress and anxiety. Spicilège, is a established and strong-minded woman who also refuses to search for help coming from her wealthy family. Her main anxiety is the insufficient support which has resulted in her losing 10 pounds and loss of sleeping. The Logical Emotive Behavior Therapy theory (REBT) is suitable for your customer because it consists of four factors that helps inside the therapy of clients. The four elements ascribed inside the REBT theory: a) realistic, b) emotive, c) patterns and d) therapy cover all the aspects required for helping her (Banks, 2012; Dryden, 2009). Albert Ellis, who originated the theory, mentioned that every person is susceptible to irrational thinking when underneath immense pressure and despression symptoms, so thinking rationally is very important in order to fix the issue. ‘Emotive’ in the theory is concerned with giving relief to people using their emotional unbalances as persons develop negative feelings ultimately causing stress and anxiety. Quite a few elements cause behavior that is unconstructive after which therapy is needed to help the person to defeat the issue (Dryden, n. d. ).

2 . Why do you choose this theory over the other theory?

Behavior theory focuses on the external and internal environment that affect the behavior with the person (Bandura, 1974). Functions on first recognizing the complete moment which usually caused the client to change their particular behavior then work on that to find the option. Behavior theory also ideal for analyzing the behavior between the specific and his or her relatives or perhaps with the environment (Morris, Marzano, Dandy, O’Brien, 2012). Logical Emotive Tendencies Therapy theory on the other hand is targeted on the different components of the people who results in aiding the patient conquer the psychological barriers that implies the behaviour change. That recognizes the four elements and works the situation while observing the client and how he can being damaged (Dryden, d. d. ). Ana was observed on her first working day and it was found out that she was very mindful, though anxious and vulnerable and was eager to take those therapy lessons in order to help herself defeat the major depression she was under.

a few. What will be the goals of counselling and what intervention strategies are used to complete those desired goals?

Ana’s need to overcome depression is solid because she is willing to show up at all the sessions and she even showed up thirty minutes earlier for it. The goals in the counseling is to:

1 . Help Ana overcome anxiety and depression

2 . Self-acceptance

3. Provide her positive inspiration so that the lady and her child do not suffer

4. Help her overcome anxiety and eating disorder

5. Maximize communication between her and her family members

6. Stimulate her to discover a job

One of the primary things to conquer depression is to talk about it. As a counselor, I would control the client that help her through the ABC unit (A-activating circumstance or celebration that is skilled, B-beliefs about the

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