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Reflections the things i learned in operations

Knowledge Management


In the pursuing paper, Let me discuss the things i have been influenced by during the 6 weeks of this Functions class, depending on the information obtained in this study course. Moreover, I will also discover how I can apply certain of the knowledge and observations gained from this course to help shape my personal management style.


The issues presented each of the six weeks in “Operations” category, helped me realized the importance of operations management in any business, industry or perhaps organization. In so doing, I discovered how to apply my thoughts and ideas to thought-provoking concerns which in turn helped me learn how to vitally think for the page. I actually valued that taking this class is promoting my look at of assistance quality, and the importance of implementing lean notify it has well provided myself with the reassurance that can be used to form my long term management design.

Week 1 . We learned about supply chains, cross-functional decision-making processes, and operations management principles. The discussion planks gave me a better understanding as to how to apply the week’s learning objectives. Conducting the search for an organization, I chose tillsammans to discuss their very own operations approaches. As procedures represent the heart of any establishment it was vital that you identify the core ideas that determine how they deliver their services and goods to their clients. One final thing to note in respect to Schroeder (2017), is the fact “operations can constrain a firm’s capacity to develop new products and cause them to become more costly to produce” (p. 48). What that informs me is that worth should be maximized and decisions on process, quality and so forth should be highlighted to straighten out any bottlenecks in any business. In fact , My spouse and i learned in Week two of some of the processes.

Week installment payments on your I enjoyed learning about product-process strategies and product movement processes. Really here I actually met the various types of processes such as batch, assembly line and constant. These type of procedures I believe as a great way of organizing the method it takes to generate a product or perhaps services or perhaps how products, customers, and information flows within an industry.

Organization management to my opinion means just how well anybody can manage a small business and its personnel. It’s the fact of what takes place in businesses day-to-day and they are connected to operations. In Week 3, I got an improved understanding of business management when we talked about trim systems and employee-manager human relationships.

Week 3. I managed to get insight about how lean thinking works coming from how you deliver value to customers, to how techniques are superior ” all with the path of managers. Managers can easily spot lower levels of overall performance, identify resources to create transform and give empowerment to staff who are able to conveniently identify concerns in client services and processes which in turn slow down benefit (Saunders, 2018). Thus, I believe lean program to be most resourceful in a business managing.

Week 4 and 5. I thought the program became more of a challenge. For instance , we learned about product and service top quality, quality improvement and technology and the source chain. My personal comprehension from the material was slowed as a result of trying to connect the information in the teaching with familiar circumstances. The most precise of the learning objectives had been the product and service quality concepts all of us apply daily. If we we hadn’t realized, we’re all customers and day-by-day, we would like to be completely satisfied with a merchandise bought or service. It’s only right here I started to see the well-known phrase utilized quite often, “the customer is usually right”, started to come into play. For example , when I apply the five dimensions of service top quality ” tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy ” I got an improved understanding of the significance behind providers and for what reason those measurements are the supreme denominators for the firm’s accomplishment.

Week 6. Finally, we examined the term aggregate planning, which will Schroeder (2017), defines as any activity that involves itself while using matching of supply and demand (p. 224). What I found interesting here are the factors that contributed to all of the changes in supply and require such as hirings, layoffs, and recruitment costs.


After choosing this course intended for six weeks, I actually notice a small change in my personal critical research which was improved. Critical examination is mostly give out your opinion to someone else and permits freedom of expression or free-hand. The cabability to use my personal thoughts and ideas made way for better understanding of the topics as well as comprehension in the purpose of the course and how it can be put on my present working environment. Following successful completing my major in General Organization Administration, I hope to one day earn a managing placement with the business I at this time work for. This course has allowed me to zoomed in on the importance of products and services and how the operation function brings fruition to raised management techniques. I will make use of the critical thinking skills then, to evaluate how I give service to consumers for example in the lean system. Then I would depend on the service quality measurements to guide me personally as I carry on and provide in order to customers daily.

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