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Review questions dissertation

1 . What does the word “processing” in data processing suggest? A process is usually any manipulation of data, usually with the goal of producing info.

2 . Give three examples in which raw info also is useful information.




3. Provide three business examples (not mentioned inside the text) of information that must be prepared to provide beneficial information.




4. Give three examples of subsystems not operating in the context than it. Why are these considered subsystems and not systems? Account Payable – records information about money that corporation owes to suppliers and service providers General Ledger– documents current orders

Account Receivable– records amounts owed towards the organization through whom every subsystem contains a well-defined goal.

Together, the subsystems make up the organization’s accounting system.

5. How do TPSs and DSSs differ?

Transaction Processing Systems (TPSs) is definitely any system that information transactions; Decision Support Systems (DSSs) is a information system that aids managers for making decisions based upon built-in designs. 6. Just what problem? Give an example of an enterprise problem and discuss how a computer-based information system may solve it.

Problems is any undesirable situation. Both problem-solving and decision-making require information gathering the best information proficiently, storing it so that it can be used and altered as necessary, and using it to help an organization attain its organization goals will be the keys to success. six. What is synergy? How is synergy completed when a person uses a pc? Explain the bond between synergy and improved productivity.

Synergy (from Greek “To operate together”) is the attainment of output, when ever two factors work together, that is greater or better than the sum of their products when these people were separately. 8. “An data system includes hardware and software. ” Why is this statement not enough? An information system has become associated with a computer-based information system that personal computers collect, retail store, and method data into information relating to instructions people give via laptop programs. being unfaithful. In which conditions does one particular need to make up your mind? Give three examples not really mentioned inside the chapter. Suppose we obtain raw materials international?

What if all of us merge each of our warehouses?

What if all of us double our shifts and cut our staff?

15. How can a DSS help make decisions?

Agencies often build information devices specifically designed which will make decisions. 10. Note the phrase “support” in decision support systems. Why these applications are not called decision-making devices? Because they may have neither time nor the time to study and absorb extended, detailed reviews of data and information, agencies often build information systems specifically designed to make decisions. 12. Who is deemed a knowledge member of staff? Will you include a career being a knowledge staff member? Explain. Hardware and software platforms, items, and applications System analyst – tested knowledge in advanced working and personal personal computers; must have a comprehensive understanding in multiple

13. What is one of the most prevalent type of information program? Why this type of is IS so ubiquitous? Source Chain Management System; the term “supply Chain” refers to the collection of actions involved in producing and advertising a product or perhaps service. 13. TPSs usually are used in the boundaries with the organization. Exactly what boundaries through this context? Provide three types of boundaries. TPSs the main function of TPSs is usually to record info collected in the boundaries of organizations, in other words, at the point where the firm transacts organization with other get-togethers. They also record many of the deals that occur inside an business. Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

Credit card-processing

POS machines

15. Between IT experts, the greatest require is for network administrators and analysts. How come? Because they are top among the 25 percent from the best-paying careers.

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