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Shokan ualikhanov article

Shokan Valikhanov – man of science, historian, ethnographer and folklorist, traveler, mentor. Father: Chinghis Valikhanov. Mom: Zeynep Chormanova. Wife: Aysary Valikhanova. Having been born in 1835 inside the fortress Kusmurun (Kushmurun). At birth he was named Muhammad-Kanapiya and his mother referred to as him Shokan. In exclusive elementary school of aul Kushmurun, Shokan learned the basics of Arabic, Persian, medieval Turkic languages. His upbringing was influenced by simply his grandmother Aiganym.

Since childhood Shokan was interested in science.

Since 1847 Shokan began to analyze in Omsk Siberian Inexp�riment� Corpus, that has been considered the finest educational institution in Siberia.

Much attention there was paid to the location of Kazakhstan, as well as the history of the Kazakh people. 1853 – Shokan Valikhanov done military school in Omsk with poet S. N. Durov. 1855 – First trip to Semirechie.

1856 – Expedition inside the Semirechie and Issyk-Kul. Trip to Ghulja. Associate with the scientist-explorer Semenov-Tyan-Shansky. To get Outstanding Support was advertised to lieutenant. 1857 – Elected because an active member of the Real Russian Geographical Society. Vacation to the Semirechie and Issyk-Kul to prepare an expedition to Kashgar.

1858, Summer 28 Looking as a vendor joined a caravan vacationing from Semipalatinsk to Kashgar. 1859, April 12 – returned having a caravan to Vernyi.

1860 – In the beginning of the yr came to Petersburg. Report to the Geographical World, intensive clinical, social and literary activities. 1861, May well – Going back home from St . Petersburg. 1862 – Was chosen to be Elderly Sultan of Atbasar region, but is actually not approved by the Governor General. 1863 – Participation inside the committee to get people’s views on judicial change. Thus, in the years 1858-1859 Shokan traveled to Kashgar, which was a” sightless spot” in European research, acquainted with the political and economic devices of East Turkestan, gathered materials within the history and ethnography of the region, has obtained a number of significant scientific selections, manuscripts, manufactured sketches. His major work” About current condition of Altyshar …” gave examination of the record, geography and social life of the people of East Turkestan and was respected in the medical world.

Shokan Valikhanov was a friend of the Russian copy writer Fyodor Dostoevsky. This companionship, that begun in Semipalatinsk, was extended in St Petersburg. And 1865 in the newspaper” Russian disabled” previous work of Shokan Valikhanov about the rise of Dungan in the Qing Disposition was posted. Other research of Valikhanov were also published in the performs of the Russian Geographical World, also printed in Munich (1862), London (1865) and were contained in the 6th and 7th Amount of 19-volumes of French Common geography simply by Elise Reclus.

Shokan Valikhanov left a fantastic scientific traditions. His work” Ablai”, ” Kazakh lineage”, ” Islam in the desert”, ” Remnants of shamanism among the Kazakhs, “” About Kazakhs migrations” and others produced the basis of in-depth examine of the history and ethnography from the Kazakh people. With his creativeness Shokan Valikhanov made a massive contribution towards the study of a number of Central Asian nations. In addition , Shokan Valikhanov was your first Kazakh artist inside the Western sense. He performed a large number of ethnographically accurate genre, portrait and landscape images, illustrating his research and travel schedules. Shokan died on Apr 10, 1865 in the Kochen-Togan, Altyn-Emel, Semirechie. Now all over Kazakhstan you will find monuments of this famous man of science.


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