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Styrofoam and clam covers as floor tiles essay

STYROFOAM AND POWDERED Mercanana mercanana (CLAM SHELLS) BECAUSE ALTERNATIVE FLOOR TILES INTRODUCTION A. Background with the Study The country is definitely presently facing from financial crisis. Financial problem is one of the biggest problems of each Filipino family. People tend to price range their money properly, it is because every one of the needed issues which are bought from the market are all expensive consisting of foods, garments materials and etc. Waste materials like plastics and Styrofoams are scattered anywhere. People often throw or perhaps disposed these kinds of wastes to rivers, lakes and seas, which the outcomes caused water quality and disorders.

Clam covers are very abundant in our locality, which are extremely valued as delicacy. Clovisse shells consist of calcium carbonate, which indicates that it can be make use of as a source of calcium o2 (CaO). The particular meat of the clam will probably be eaten as well as the shells will be thrown away. Therefore the researchers wants to determine if mixed Styrofoam and powdered Clam shells can be a good component in making ceramic tiles. B. Affirmation of the Trouble This analyze aims to develop tile through the mixture of blended Styrofoam and powdered clovisse shells, specifically it seek to determine, a.

If blended Styrofoam and powdered clovisse shells is a great component in making tiles.. Which will of the following ratios, two: 1, several: 1, and 4: you, powdered clam shells is usually to dissolve Styrofoam is a good floor tile using the toughness test and normal water absorption evaluation. c. In case the dissolved Styrofoam and powder clam covers tile is comparable to commercial floor tile. C. Statement of the Speculation a. In case the dissolved Styrofoam and powder clam covers is a good aspect in making tiles then all of us will try to contact the To the south Milandia, Incorporation. Ceramic and Granite Floor tiles, Zamboanga City) to suggest our research to these people. b. Whenever we will likely to conduct the subsequent ratios all of us will possessing a three trial test in durability test and water bsorption test to ensure that we can recognize the reliability of each presented ratio and determined the of soaked tile (grams) with the primary weight in the tiles. c. If the blended Styrofoam and powdered clam shells ceramic tile is more just like commercial floor tiles then you can reduce costs and it can help to reduce the volume of Styrofoams and in the community.

This kind of research study aims to produce floor tile out of dissolved Styrofoam and powder Clam shells. This research study is important in a manner that it can help to minimize the amount of waste material particularly the low biodegradable types, which are isposed anywhere. Therefore , this can help to prevent pollution and steer clear of diseases. This kind of study can help to prevent the destruction of the environment just like rivers, wetlands and seas. Finally, this kind of research study likewise produce beneficial and cost-effective tile that every individual can enjoy and have a comfortable houses to live in.

E. Opportunity and Restriction The boundary of this study is to magnitude the use of mixed Styrofoam and powdered Clovisse Shells as tiles. This study limitations only around the ratios of two: 1, 3: 1 and 4: one particular, powdered Clovisse Shells and dissolved Styrofoam respectively. This kind of study likewise limits on he two tests, the durability and water absorption. Three studies were conducted per test out per treatment. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Tiles are similar to stones, they differ in uses, shapes in addition to finishing. A brick with the form of a block while a ceramic tile is in the sort of a sheet.

Both are made from the same method and materials but the tile may go through glazing may give it a smooth finish. Floor tiles are used for surfaces and floors. Clay utilized as a material in making ceramic tiles. A set aside of 41. 5 million. Tons of clay located in Giengday ensures the production of 100 mil. Bricks and floor tiles for a period of ore than 100 years. Giengday clay substantial contents of Fe203 and Fe304 as compared with those seen in other places that bricks and tiles manufactured from this material happen to be dark red and well-shaped, soft and of high quality.

Gienday clay is really skilled enough to produced ceramic and chinaware, decorative bricks used in extra standard building. (Shriff, 1982) A clovisse shell burrows shallowly in sediments of either dirt or sand. It is one of the most commercially important species of invertebrate. Clams have a large, heavy shell that ranges by being a soft brownish color to shades of gray and white. The exterior of the shell, except local the umbo is covered with a series of growth jewelry. The interior from the shell can be colored a deep crimson around the trasero edge and hinge.

METHOD A. Study Locale This study will be conducted for Tumulaks Property at House Luz Drive, Tugong Highway, Sta. Maria, Zamboanga Metropolis. This research is a qualitative type of analysis for it will certainly compare the commercial ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles out of Styrofoam and Clam Shells. C. Standard Procedure Planning of Components Shells will be obtained from the fishponds in Zambowood, Zamboanga City. The hells will probably be wash after which sun-dried. The shells will be pulverized and stained to split up to bigger debris.

Styrofoams will probably be obtained from neighborhood and from restaurants were it was employed as food packaging. The collective Styrofoam will be clean and leave for drying out. Three hundred grms of Styrofoam will be dissolved to 1 D. of superior gas. Preparation of Mixes The powder oyster shells and mixed Styrofoam will probably be mixed consistently to the next ratios, 2: 1, 3: 1 and. Molding and Drying The prepared combos will be poured into the related molders made up of luminum having 4 By 4 measurements. The molders will be kept in a cabinet and keep for air-drying.

The average healing period of the tile is around two to three weeks. Glazing The dried blend will be glazed by applying ename on the floor tiles. The used lacquer is going to leave to get drying after that second covering will be completed and keep again for more drying. Ongoing application of the lacquer will be done until the desired glossiness will be accomplished. Testing the Tiles A. DURABILITY TEST OUT The sturdiness test will probably be done by placing the tile on the floor and a load will be drop n the tile together with the respective weights of 1. kilogram, and 2 kgtoa height of 1 m. Three studies will be done per treatment per test/load. Commercial tiles will also test out using the method to review its sturdiness value. B. WATER CONSUMPTION TEST The tiles will probably be soaked in a basin with water and left intended for observation for about one (1) day. You will see three tests will be conducted per proportion. Commercial ceramic tiles will measured (grams). Water absorption value will be based on getting the big difference of the condensed tile (grams) with the first weight with the tiles.

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