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The advantages and drawbacks of the increased

A. Advantages

The Section of Education (commonly generally known as DepEd), a company that tasked to manage and govern the Philippine approach to basic education, pronounces both additional years in the standard education with the Filipinos. According to all of them, this will not merely benefit the Filipino learners, but as well as the entire country as well as its citizens. Before the implementation in the K-12 curriculum guide, the Philippines was one of just three countries in the world and the only one in Asia that still acquired only a decade in fundamental education.

The Office of Education asserts that with the implementation of such program, the situation of the joblessness in the country will probably be resolved. The K-12 courses is said to boost the quality of standard education in the Philippines. This method gives the Filipino students the opportunity in the global competency. The K-12 programs will also support graduates searching for work in another country. All in all, the now decongested K-12 subjects will give Philippine students ample time to master the basic teachers.

“We ought to add 2 years to our standard education. Those who can afford pay out up to 18 years of training before school. Thus, youngsters are getting in to the best educational institutions and the greatest jobs after graduation. I need at least 12 years intended for our community school children to give them a much chance in succeeding.  (Aquino 3, 2011)

The K-12 or perhaps K-6-4-2 software includes 6 years of Elementary School (6 to 11 years old), several years of High school graduation (12 to 16 years old) and 2 years of Senior High School (15 to 18 years old). Kindergarten started in school yr 2011 to 2012. The modern and improved curriculum in Grade you and initial year high school started in institution year 2012 ” 2013. The 1st year high school graduation or the eleventh year will start in school yr 2016 ” 2017. The first participants of the 12- year subjects will be in 2018. (DepEd)

B. Positive aspects

As stated over, Philippines is one of the three countries that still had 10 years in the fundamental education program thus seen as a disadvantage pertaining to the Filipino students to compete inside the increasing global job market. To Individuals and Family members there a few advantages the k-12 subjects can give just like: An enhanced curriculum can decongest educational workload, providing students additional time to master competencies and abilities as well as moment for other learning opportunities past the classroom, thus allowing for a more alternative development.

Participants will have competencies and skills highly relevant to the job market. The K-12 proposal will be designed to modify and satisfy the fast-changing needs of culture to prepare graduates with expertise essential for the field of

Graduates will probably be prepared for higher education. As a result of an improved curriculum which will provide relevant content and attuned with the changing requirements of the instances, basic education will ensure enough mastery of core themes to its graduates so that graduates might opt to follow higher education in the event they decide to.

4. Graduates will be able to earn higher wages and/or better prepared to begin their own organization. There is a solid correlation between educational achievement and salary structure and studies particular to the Filipino setting demonstrate that an extra year of schooling increases earnings simply by 7. five per cent. This should also allow better access to advanced schooling for self-supportingstudents.

5. Teachers could now be recognized overseas. Filipino teachers, e. g. engineers, designers, doctors, and so forth, could now be recognized as experts in other countries. Those who intend to study abroad is going to meet the entry requirements of foreign educational institutions.

And also there are some advantages the society and the economy will get from the k-12 program including: The economy can experience accelerated growth in the end. The objective of the K+12 courses is to improve quality of basic education. Several studies have shown the fact that improvements in the quality of education will increase GDP development by as much as 2%. Studies in the united kingdom, India and US demonstrate that further years of education also have positive overall impact on society.

The Philippine education system will be at par with foreign standards. K+12 will facilitate mutual recognition of Philippine graduates and professionals pursuing the Washington Agreement and the Bologna Accord.

A better educated culture provides a sound foundation pertaining to long-term socioeconomic development. The improved K+12 Fundamental Education system will contribute to the development of psychologically and intellectually mature individuals capable of pursuing effective employment or perhaps entrepreneurship or higher education disciplines.

C. Cons

The K-12 program really does proves to help the students as it provides them ample time to analyze the basic teachers and to let them have the ability to contend with the different students around the world, but the software also has really disadvantages.

With all the additional couple of years of education, parents will need to provide more cash (for expenses, transportation, allowances, etc . ). Middle class and top quality families would prefer to have almost no problems at all. But majority of the Filipinos are having a hard time in providing a budget for theprimary needs with their families. This only provides an impressive problem for the people parents who have can’t manage high expenses fees that seemingly boost year after year.

Philippine citizens are usually concerned about how the government will account the educational programs, specially to get public colleges. “K-12 is a flagship plan of this administration and therefore education sector needs to be given the funds it requires for powerful implementation.  Said Emmalyn Policarpio, an elementary teacher from Valenzuela City as well as the Secretary General of the Teachers’ Dignity Coalation (TDC)

The TDC group expressed which the mere affixing your signature to of the law would not solve existing concerns of the education sector with out first solving the useful resource shortages. The TDC said that the program will not guarantee a solution to the disappointing condition of the Philippine community school system. It is the case that the 12-year of basic educational system provides enough time to study and master the fundamental academics nevertheless most people, specially the parents discover this as being a disadvantage mainly because it cost time. The K-12 program might not be as effective as in the other countries if the country are still up against problems including lack of classes, facilities, ease and comfort rooms and teachers who are not well-trained to adjust to the K+12 curriculum. Also the ability of the govt to release funds that would shoulder joint all the expenditures in using this education system is another pressing matter. Therefore , K-12 education system will not operate unless each of the other hitting matters would be addressed.


1 . The K-12 plan provides adequate time for learners to master the basic education and global skills. 2 . This program will not operate if the authorities doesn’t deal with the money of the methods.

For me I actually am not against the K-12 program you may say that We am PRO K-12 because having the program may have some disadvantages including parents the need to work harder because of higher tuition costs because of the extra 2 years in school. But if we look thoroughly and understand the specifics that simply by

using the K-12 system we can provide students with an increase of knowledge and be more throughout the world competent. And students could be more critical in thinking in addition to problem solving. They can master the fundamental education and become more skilled in the areas that they selected. Personally for me adding 2 years is nothing compared to the knowledge and virtues we learn and the encounter too. Getting the K-12 system can start more opportunities for success. This means you will also help make the Korea more fruitful. It can help fix other complications such as poverty.

It can help reduce poverty because children who have only finished high school can now get careers that’s not within the minimum salary. And less low income means much less crime because some people do crime as a result of money. And individuals having secure job may help lessen the consequences of people who is going to do anything for cash. And the K-12 program could also solve overpopulation and less children abused. Mainly because one cause of overpopulation is due to over matching of those that have no jobs because they have nothing to carry out which can result in children getting abandoned, being sold, and being abused. Let me state what President Benévolo Aquino 3 said “We need to add two years to the basic education.

Those who can pay for pay up to fourteen many years of schooling prior to university. Hence, their children are getting into the greatest universities and the best jobs after graduating. I want at least more than a decade for our public school children to give all of them an even opportunity at doing well.  In the last line he states that children whom can’t find the money for to attend personal schools will be given a much chance for succeeding. This helps the children consider the world that even if they didn’t have got a good start that they still have their fair chance in life this is just what the K-12 program gives us which has a fair probability in life that all people will be treated a similar.


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