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The yolly s pancit malabon restaurant dissertation

This phase explains the wholeness from the project in which in this explain the background of the firm and the project. In conclusion, Yolly’s Pancit Malabon Cafe has been using manual program since they begun to open this business. Usually, the company had not use a computerized system to support the needs of the customer in daily purchase. Introduction

The Yolly’s Pancit Malabon Restaurant is a family members business. It can be owned and managed simply by Cruz Family members. This business is located for Specialist Building Santiago Boulevard General Santos City.

Just like many junk food establishment in the the area, Yolly’s Pancit Malabon is slowly growing amounts of competitor, the food establishment acquired experience difficulty pertaining to invoicing. Software Development (SD) plays a crucial position in contemporary society. It includes transformed depends upon into a global village using a global overall economy, which is increasing dependent on the creative management and syndication of development. Globalization on the planet economies has greatly improved the value of details to business organization and has provided new business options.

Background in the Study

These days, firms or perhaps other areas use computer for exact transactions nevertheless several program were develop, progressed and recognized. All over the place you turn now a days, computer are at job. The computer and Internet include affected the way of functioning, communicating, playing and also composing. In fact , computer systems are used in each and every aspect of lifestyle today. Our project pitch is what we called Cafe Management Billing System of Yolly’s Pancit Malabon. A computerized billing program that allows a company establishment to record the cancellation of order, price cut to those costumer who are buy the merchandise, reservation intended for event, and generating invoicing receipts. It means that their inventory program maintain continous records Declaration of the Problem

* Do all documents and information are anchored?

5. Did a lot of previews products on hand files will be misplaced?

* Performed the order and the billings are can easily detected the errors?

* Performed the monitoring the invoicing and the buy can encounter difficulties?

* Would the daily sales saving consuming lesser time?

5. Did the billing system will be used when ever incase of power being interrupted?

Aims of the Examine

You will discover two types of objectives of the study and these are the next: General Objectives

* This task generally aims to create and design a computerize invoicing restaurant supervision billing program for Yolly’s Pancit Malabon * Effects in putting into action this automated Restaurant Payment System may vary on the efficiency of the organization, and as a researcher and developer we are responsible for taking the best of the objective.

Certain Objectives

2. To develop a billing program that can quickly generates statements. * To produce a billing system to satisfy the requirements Yolly’s Pancit Malabon restaurant like record the buy, reservation for the event, give discount to costumer, bring up to date and modify the records and to batten the information and print reports also to able to identify the risk of the project. 5. To create a well secured computerizes management payment system.

Speculation of the Analyze

The study will be grounded within the following speculation:

Alternative Speculation

* The program will help to find ways to enhance their billing program in recording. * The program will help to easy to scan and organize when compared to manual technique of recording the order with the customers, currently used by the restaurant. * That the suggested system will be better the payment process and give information on the products or the meals on order. That it reduces the man several hours required for typing order.

Null Hypothesis

The null hypothesis from the system is as follows:

* This product can only provide by the individual that is experienced in using a computer or the system. * The user only will be able to optimize the system if perhaps proper educated. * This method will help take care of the data in a short span of time in case the user knows how to use effectively the system. * The system will assist you to keep the daily transaction in case the management can properly conserve the documents. * Some the system may well encounter challenges, which may trigger malfunctioning with the program. * If there would be a electrical power interruption, the device will not function because it requirements electricity for doing it works. * Where the memory space of the system is full, at some point the system is going to malfunction imperfectly.

Scope and Delimitation in the Study

The scope and delimitation with the study speaks about the capabilities of the proponent’s program proposed plus the limits of what the program can perform..


This system gets the following capabilities:

* The program has log in and log out function for the management and user. 5. The system can shows data and field’s records from the foods that sold, cancelling of buy, reservation of venue or perhaps foods, with discount to prospects customers whom are always choose the product, billing generates receipts, and offer combination meals to prospects costumer whom are large size of organizations and free delivery buy. * The system can effectively record each of the daily transaction. * The system can make receipts.


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