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Resort management system essay

This subsections with the Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document provide an overview of the complete SRS.

1 ) 1 Purpose

The application Requirements Specs (SRS) provides a detailed information of the requirements for the Hotel Management (HMS). This SRS enables a complete understanding of what is being expected from the HMS to become constructed. The clear knowledge of the HMS and its’ functionality allows the correct computer software to be created for the final user and you will be used for the introduction of the future periods of the job.

This SRS will provide the foundation for the project. From this SRS, the HMS can be designed, constructed, and finally tested.

This SRS will be used by the software technical engineers constructing the HMS and the hotel end users. The software engineers will use the SRS to totally understand the anticipations of this HMS to construct the correct software. The hotel end users will be able to employ this SRS as being a “test to

decide if the software technical engineers will be creating the system for their expectations.

If it is to not their targets the end users can specify how not necessarily to their preference and the software engineers will change the SRS to fit the conclusion users’ needs.

1 . a couple of Scope

The software merchandise to be produced is a Hotel Management System that can automate the hotel functions. The first subsystem is a Reservation and Booking System to keep track of concerns and space availability. The second subsystem is the Tracking and Selling Foodstuff System that charges the current room.

The next subsystem is a General Administration Services and Automated Tasks System which usually generates studies to examine all hotel operations and allows customization of subsystem information. These kinds of three subsystems’ functionality will be described in depth in section 2-Overall Explanation. There are two en users for the HMS. The finish users are definitely the hotel staff (customer service representative) and hotel managers. Both consumer types can access the Reservation and Booking Program and the Food Tracking and Selling System. The General Management System will be limited to management users.

The Motel Management Anatomy’s objectives should be to provide a program to manage a hotel which has increased in proportion to a total of 90 rooms. Without automation the management of the hotel is now an awkward task. The final users’ day-to-day jobs of managing a hotel will be made easier by a significant amount through the computerized system. The machine will be able to take care of many services to take care of most customers in a quick fashion. The system ought to be user appropriate, easy to use, provide easy recovery of errors and have an overall end user substantial subjective satisfaction.

1 . several Definitions, Shortened forms, and Abbreviations.

SRS ” Software program Requirements Standards

HMS ” Lodge Management System

Very subjective satisfaction ” The overall satisfaction of the system End users ” The people that will be in fact using the program 1 . some Overview

The SRS is arranged into two main parts. The first is The complete

Explanation and the second is the Particular Requirements. The complete Description can describe certain requirements of the HMS from an over-all high level point of view. The Specific Requirements section will describe in more detail the requirements in the system.

a couple of The Overall Description

Explains the general elements that impact the product and its particular requirements. It does not express specific requirements. Instead it provides background for anyone requirements, that happen to be defined in section 3, and makes them easier to understand.

2 . 1 Product Point of view

The HMS is definitely an independent stand”alone system. It is totally self contained.

2 . 1 . one particular Hardware Cadre

The HMS will be placed on Computers throughout the lodge.

2 . 1 ) 2 Software program Interfaces

All databases for the HMS will be configured applying Oracle 8i. These sources include resort rooms and customers information. Place be customized by the end users. The room repository will include the bedroom numbers of course, if they are vacant or entertained. The customers data database is going to contain all the information of the consumer such as initially name, last name, number of residents, assigned place, default area rate(may become changed), contact number, whether or not the space is guaranteed, credit card number, confirmation number, automatic termination date, expected check in date and time, real check in date and time, expected check out particular date and time, amount owed by customer, and abbreviated customer comments.

2 . a couple of Product Capabilities

Reservation and Reserving System

Allows for keying in in client information

Has a standard room charge that is adaptable

Has a description discipline for the changed rate

Every time a customer lasts, the room number will be converted to occupied in the

data source Ability to change a reservation

When simply no rooms are available and a buyer would like to extend their booking their details will be put in a database and when there are rooms offered the first customer out there will have the area When a client checks out the total amount owed can be displayed

In case the internal time states it really is a customer’s time to have looked at and client has not looked at, adds an extra night to amount owed and offers a report Data that area is empty

Records payment

Allows for space to write user’s feedback

Traffic monitoring and Providing Food Program

Songs all foods purchased

Charges the current room as necessary

General Management Services and Automated Responsibilities System

Reports generated to review hotel guests, future occupancy, room revenue, and foodstuff revenue Exemption reports list exceptions towards the normal expense

Allows addition, removal and customization of information in rooms and rates, menu items and costs, user single profiles Creation of users and assigning account details

2 . a few User Features

Educational level of HMS computer software ” Low

Experience of HMS software ” None

Technical Expertise ” Tiny

2 . 4 Apportioning of Requirements

The audio and image alerts will be deferred because of low importance at this time.

installment payments on your 5 Assumptions and Dependencies

” The system is not required just to save generated studies.

” Credit card repayments are not included

3 Certain Requirements

This section is made up of all the application requirements in a level of detail, that whenever combined with the program context plan, use circumstances, and work with case explanations, is sufficient to allow designers to design a system to meet those requirements, and testers to test which the system satisfies those requirements.

3. 1 External Interfaces

The Hotel Management System will use the conventional input/output devices for a laptop or computer. This includes the next: Keyboard




a few. 1 . 1 User Extrémité

An individual Interface Monitors are defined in table 1 .

Table you: Hotel Supervision User Interface Screens

Screen Name



Log into the system as a CSR or Director


Get button, update/save reservation, terminate reservation, alter reservation, modify reservation, adjust room rate, accept payment type/credit greeting card Check-in

Modify area stay (e. g., new credit card), check-in buyer (with or perhaps without a reservation), adjust place rate, special requests, acknowledge payment type/credit card Peruse

Checkout customer, generate bill

Hotel Payment

Recognize payment for room and food

Room Service/Restaurant

Make order, improve order, look at order, cancel order, create meal invoice Customer Record

Put or bring up to date customer information

Dispense Rooms

Availability and rates

Administer End user

Generate, modify, and delete users; change password

Administer Meals

Create, change, and erase meal things and prices


Select, perspective, save, and delete studies

3. 1 . 2 Computer software Interfaces

The system shall interface with an Oracle or Get database.

three or more. 1 . 3 Hardware Interfaces

The system shall managed with a Microsoft Windows centered system.

3. 1 ) 4 Communication Interfaces

The system shall be a stand alone product that does not require any kind of communication interfaces.

3. two Functional Requirements

Efficient requirements specify the fundamental actions that program must execute. The efficient requirements for the system happen to be divided into three main categories, Reservation/Booking, Meals, and Management. For further particulars, refer to the utilization cases.

1 ) Reservation/Booking

1 . 1 ) The system shall record concerns.

1 ) 2 . The machine shall record the user’s first term.

1 ) 3. The system shall record the user’s last name.

1 . some. The system shall record the number of occupants.

1 . five. The system shall record the area number.

1 . 6th. The system shall display the default area rate.

1 . 6. 1 . The device shall permit the default space rate to get changed. 1 . 6. 2 . The system shall require a brief review to be came into, describing the real reason for changing the default space rate. 1 . 7. The program shall record the customer’s

contact number.

1 . almost eight. The system shall display set up room is definitely guaranteed. 1 ) 9. The program shall make a unique confirmation number for each reservation. 1 ) 10. The program shall quickly cancel non-guaranteed reservations if the customer have not provided their credit card number by 6: 00 pm hours on the abfertigung date. 1 . 11. The device shall record the anticipated check-in date and period. 1 . 12. The system shall record the expected peruse date and time. 1 . 13. The system shall abfertigung customers.

1 . 14. The machine shall allow reservations to become modified without having to reenter every one of the customer inforamtion. 1 . 12-15. The system shall checkout customers.

1 . 15. 1 ) The system shall display the amount owed by the customer. 1 . 15. 2 . To get customer information the last brand or area number will be used 1 ) 15. several. The system shall record which the room can be empty.

1 . 15. 4. The system shall record the payment.

1 . 12-15. 5. The device shall record the payment type.

1 . 16. The system shall charge the client for an additional night if they checkout after 14: 00 a. m. 1 . 17. The device shall indicate guaranteed rooms as “must pay following 6: 00 pm within the check-in particular date. 1 . 18. The system shall record customer comments.

2 . Food

2 . 1 . The program shall monitor all foods purchased inside the hotel (restaurant and room service). 2 . 2 . The machine shall record payment and payment type for meals. 2 . three or more. The system shall bill the latest room if payment can be not built at moments of service. installment payments on your 4. The machine shall recognize reservations to get the cafe and area service. a few. Management

several. 1 . The machine shall screen the resort occupancy for a specified time frame (days; including past, present, and long term dates).

three or more. 2 . The device shall screen projected guests for a time period (days). three or more. 3. The device shall screen room income for a specified period of time (days).

3. 5. The system shall display foodstuff revenue for a specified time frame (days).

several. 5. The machine shall display an exception statement, showing wherever default place and food prices had been overridden.

several. 6. The device shall permit the addition info, regarding rooms, rates, menu items, prices, and end user profiles.

3. 7. The machine shall permit the deletion details, regarding bedrooms, rates, menu items, rates, and consumer profiles.

several. 8. The device shall permit the modification info, regarding bedrooms, rates, menu items, prices, and customer profiles.

several. 9. The machine shall let managers to assign customer passwords.

a few. 3 non-functional Requirements

Functional requirements define the needs with regards to performance, reasonable database requirements, design restrictions, standards conformity, reliability, supply, security, maintainability, and transportability.

3. 3. 1 Performance Requirements

Performance requirements define appropriate response times pertaining to system operation. The load coming back user interface monitors shall take no longer than two seconds. The log in information should be verified inside five mere seconds. Queries shall return benefits within five seconds.

3. 3. two Logical Databases Requirements

The rational database requirements include the preservation of the subsequent data components. This list is not just a complete list and is designed as a kick off point for advancement.

Booking/Reservation System

Buyer first term

Customer last name

Customer treat

Customer phone number

Number of occupants

Assigned room

Default space rate

Rate information

Guaranteed room (yes/no)

Credit card number

Confirmation quantity

Computerized cancellation day

Anticipated check-in day

Expected check-in time

Actual check-in time

Actual check-in period

Expected check-out time

Anticipated check-out period

Actual check-out date

Actual check-out time

Customer comments

Payment received (yes/no)

Payment type

Total Bill

Food Companies


Meal type

Meal item

Meal order

Meal repayment (Bill to room/Credit/Check/Cash)

a few. 3. three or more Design Limitations

The Hotel Management shall be a stand-alone system running in a Windows environment. The system will probably be developed using Java and an Gain access to or Oracle database.

several. 3. some Standards Conformity

Generally there shall be uniformity in changing names in the system. The graphical user interface shall have a regular look and feel.

several. 3. your five Reliability

Specify the factors instructed to establish the mandatory reliability in the

software system at time of delivery.

three or more. 3. 6th Availability

The system will probably be available during normal lodge operating several hours.

3. 3. 7 Protection

Customer care Representatives and Managers can log in for the Hotel Management System. Customer Service Representatives will have entry to the Reservation/Booking and Meals subsystems. Managers will have usage of the Management subsystem and also the Reservation/Booking and Food subsystems. Access to the different subsystems will be protected by a user log in screen that will require a user identity and security password.

3. a few. 8 Maintainability

The Hotel Management System is being produced in Java. Java is usually an object oriented programming vocabulary and will probably be easy to maintain.

3. several. 9 Moveability

The Hotel Management shall operate in any Microsoft Windows environment that contains Java Runtime plus the Microsoft Access database.

some Change Administration Process

Becomes this doc may be made after authorization from the task manager and the client approval officer.

5 Document Approvals

5. you Team One particular Approval


Sandra Busik/Reita Sikka Date

five. 2 Group Two Acceptance


Lisa Ferrett Date

6th Supporting Data

A system context plan as well as use cases and use case descriptions have been completely developed in separate documents.

one particular

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