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Three days outdoor camp composition

Howdy, there! How are you? I am sorry I was not able to reply your letter earlier. I was at a camp. Big t he camp was referred to as ‘Discover Yourself’. It was an enriching knowledge as I have not attended this kind of camp just before. My dad, who is one of many organizers, pulled me in. At first, I used to be very concerned about the whole thing. But after I understood I needed a lot of motivation to boost me for the coming SPM examination.

I want to give you a few details.

The organizers certainly are a group of people who also call themselves ‘The Millennium People’. They can be basically educators, trainers and leaders coming from various sociable groups who have come together to aid young people to excel. The camp was from initial of Dec to 9th December. It absolutely was a three day time outdoor activity camp. We attended the camp by shuttle bus and later got into a ferry that took us to the Pangkor Isle. There were about 120 participants with doze trainers.

The camp was done in the west of Pangkor Area. It was thus quiet and peaceful, overlooking the beautiful slopes. It was a great place for us to unwind and discover ourselves. There was little chalets reserved for all of us.

We liked many interesting activities. I will describe them basically I need to tell you some of the interesting activities. The first activity was named ‘Loosen Up’. We got to learn each other from this ice-breaking period. Then emerged the hard section. It absolutely was called the ‘Bear the Brunt’ period. Here i was practically screamed at and scolded by the trainers. The purpose was to break our egos. After this i was given a series of motivation insight into studying, personal development and time management. We greatly benefited from this camp. I have discovered my own, personal potentials. Now we all know that I have got a good storage and can interact socially easily. It is good identified my weaknesses. My own greatest some weakness is prokrastination. But we now have learnt to deal and overcome the weaknesses.

Nevertheless , the camp had its very own problems. A lot of participants would not co-operate mainly because they declined to engage in the hiking and jungle trekking activities. Another difficulty was that, all of us did not include water supply within the first time. But these are all small things compared to the rewards and the ongoing experience that we have accumulated in the camp. In the next camp, I will surely take you along.

That’s all at the moment. I hope to hear from you shortly. Take care.


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