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Use of technology in main school education

Primary Education, Technology in Education

The study is supposed to explore the use of educational technology at the primary school level in (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa). The key objectives of the study are to investigate the usability, importance of educational technology, availability and whether primary school teachers are utilising the educational technology tools for the teaching-learning process. For this kind of analysis two distinct questionnaires employed for the collection of teacher and student data. After the finalizing of gathered data, the researchers determined that educational technology useful for teaching learning process at primary institution level in pkp.

Education ways to bring about appealing changes in the patterns of an specific according to the requirements of it is concerned world. The primary level is an important stage in the child’s educational your life. If a teacher makes the whole concept clear to a child then in future the student should be able to handle the difficult points easily (Suleman, 2008). The word technology based on the Ancient greek language language “techne” or “technique” which means artwork. Educational technology is the creation application and evaluation of system, methods. which enhance the process of pupil learning. It can be more functional, less assumptive and fast growing modern day discipline. Educational technology permitting the child to find, manage, evaluate and make use of information gathered from the calculator, charts, electronic digital dictionary etc . By providing use of a range details technology resources.

The children can also discuss his or her studies, and share associated with others applying presentation and authoring application. Educational technology provides options for children to master about the earth beyond their very own classroom and also afford options for children to develop learning expertise, thinking skills, including problem-solving, and communication skills. Educational technology is complicated, complete and bundled process which involves many things just like, people, tips, procedures, devices and business design to evaluate problems and it in addition includes additional various processes like, devising, implementing, analyzing and controlling solutions to those problems which involve all aspects of human learning (AECT, 1977).

Educational technology is known as a broad subject matter and it is extremely hard to cover that as a solitary subject. Consequently , it is even more divided into several classes i actually. e. instructional technology, instructing technology, behavioral technology, and instruction design or supervision technology (Sharma Sharma, 2006). Instructional technology is “the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, supervision, and evaluation of operations and helpful learning”(Seels Richey, 1994, l. 1). Instructing technology is known as a unification of academic systems which can be designed to enhance the effective type of the teaching-learning process, to resolve the problems that are faced during teaching and learning method and to improve the quality in the information which can be presented (Isman, 2002). Educational activities happen to be those activities which are made to bring about appealing changes in the habit of the college students. Therefore , behavioral technology is usually broader than educational technology.

In respect to Jones Ragan (2005) the administration technology while “the systemic and reflective process of translating principles of learning and instruction in plans pertaining to instructional elements, activities, information resources, and assessments”.

Characteristics Aims of Educational Technology: Educational technology features played a necessary and innovative role inside the education system. It has identified and increases the teaching-learning method. However , the main objectives from the educational technology in education are defined below.

  • Educational technology is involved with three aspects of education at the. g. type, teaching-learning process, and output.
  • Educational researches don’t have any impacts within the existing educational problems because these studies have theoretical nature. Educational technology features played an important role in solving class teaching and training complications practically and experimentally.
  • The main problem in educating learning method is to take care of individual variations in an effective way. The educational technology has evolved the ways of ensure the perfect solution of the same problem.
  • Educational technology builds up educational theories to get teaching and instruction and makes a technological foundation to get education. (Sharma Sharma, 2006, pp. 57-58).
  • Educational technology the actual classroom educating more effective quickly modify the skill of the teacher and the learner.

Position of Educational Technologies:

  • In accordance to Sharma. Sharma (2006, p. 40), the important function of the educational technology happen to be described below
  • It analyzes and evaluates the teaching-learning process.
  • It grows and organizes suitable instructional materials for the teaching-learning process.
  • This prepares educators in the utilization of new instructing technology.
  • Educational technology has played a huge role in equalling educational options without with the social, monetary and geographical position of the learners.
  • to investigate the availability, functionality, and usefulness of educational technology with the primary level.
  • to explore whether teachers happen to be trained for the effective use of educational technology at the primary level.

It is a review type exploration in this study the specialist personally appointments each primary school in Khyber pakhtoon khwa and distribute the questionnaire test by very own hands among the teachers and students and give basic instructions about the filling of questionnaire sample. The nature of the research is descriptive, for this investigator used the statistical tools/methods to calculate the data. At this time way, we easily collect the trustful data. Human population: All the professors and students at the principal level in kpc will be the population with this research.

Only 19 lack thirty-seven thousands and one hundred ninety-seven (1937197) males girls main school learners, and one particular lack forty-nine thousand 100 ninety(149290) of primary colleges Male Girl teacher data needed for the completion of study. Questionnaire: Two questionnaires are designed for data collection and described the data in the table for much more calculations.

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