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Ought to Public Exams Be Eliminated In Hong Kong? Public tests play an important role within a student’s existence, especially in Hong Kong. Nowadays, there is no other ways to advertise into university in Hk unless passing the evaluation. Students have to sit for 2 major general public exams like the Hong Kong Qualification of Education Examination(HKCEE) plus the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination(HKALE).

Should public exams always be abolished in Hong Kong? This topic is known as a hot concern that many father and mother and teachers discuss with the students.

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Seeing that some people still believe the functions of public assessment while some persons argue that assessment is not essential. There are many different sights of this warm issue. In person, I strongly agree that examination is a superb way to evaluate student, assess the education program and served as a motive to let students to study hard and acquire well preparing for the future competition. Public exam is a good way to assess college student. Until now, it’s the best and fastest method to assess and evaluate pupils.

Students whom fail the exams could not continue their particular studies even though some students who have attain the minimum obtain could enhance to form six or colleges. For instance, kind 5 pupils have to get for least 16 marks in HKCEE(Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination) in order to showcase form six. Also, if perhaps form 7 students want to get into educational institutions, they have to pass all the subject in HKALE(Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination). Otherwise, individuals failed learners will be taken away from their college.

Actually, the schools can find out the weakness and strength from the students via examinations mainly because exams demonstrate what subject matter the students are better by or not good at. Practice make ideal. Teachers may help students to boost their achievements by doing even more exercises. As well, parents can supervise and remind youngsters to concentrate on learning. Examination can evaluate the education system. Actually, our Hong Kong Government could changes the training system in accordance to students’ exam results. Students’ exam results echo the effectiveness of the education system.

If the education strategy is efficient, students’ exam outcomes should be expected to become better. The government can increase the exam system according to the benefits of the pupils. It’s important to know if a person can memorize and apply the knowledge they may have learned in school if they taking tests. According to Thomas Kellaghan(2004), ‘by offering a specification of clear goals and standards for instructors and college students, they control the despropósito elements of the education system, assisting to ensure that almost all schools educate to the same standards. (p. 5) Besides, the schools can alter their educational orientation in accordance to evaluation. Some students may think confuse just before exams or maybe after tests. Thus, universities can implement some education policy. For instance , before tests, the schools can give more physical exercises for students to practices. Following exams, the school can offer some specific classes of a lot of subjects for anyone students whom get a awful results in the exams. Govt can also provide guidelines for the schools and teachers in order to improve students’ achievements.

The government can give some reports or analysis regarding students’ exam results to every school. It’s important to know more about students’ study situation. According to John Simons (2005), assessment served being a motive to leave students to study hard and get very well preparation for the future competition. To be sure exams are crucial to the pupils, especially in Hong Kong, an international metropolis in the world. Our company is not scarcely to hear that many students explained they have wonderful pressures and stresses. Yet pressure building from exams sometimes turn into a motive for students to study hard.

Practice makes perfect and progress. This can be the best phrases to advise students the ideal attitude. Furthermore, exams coach students’ ability to respond. Pupils sometimes have to answer the questions logically and vitally, this can teach their responding to and answering skills. Simply because they have to solve different concerns by themselves, this could train their problem solving skills. Also, exams help students to build up their very own confidence. If perhaps they can apply their understanding and write it down correctly, they are going to have a fantastic result which help them to help to make a high analysis on themselves.

And the love of educators and parents will offer them an excellent confidence. Although there are many capabilities of exam, some people still agree that public examination should be abolished in Hong Kong. They mention that many learners are under great pressure and pressure because of exam. It is not hard to hear that some pupils commit committing suicide after they find the bad examination result. Indeed, exam will build up the pressure on students. But pressure might make a person progress. When there is no pressure, students might not exactly study hard.

Besides, the pressures built on students are not only are derived from examination. It may well comes from teachers or father and mother or even the contemporary society. Thus, pressure is not an excuse intended for abolishing the public exam. In respect to Candies Chan (2012), ‘Hok Yau Club, which usually supports college students, has received a number of calls from youngsters seeking help to get exam-related tension. Senior social worker Kwok Man-fong has encouraged pupils to make contact if they are encountering anxiety. ‘There are many strategies to help pupils to relief their tension and emotional pressure.

Basically, the public tests still perform an integral position in Hong Kong. Hong Kong wasn’t able to progress devoid of examination. There is no doubt that the function of exams is very important. The fogeys and the professors should help students to get a great accomplishment in these exams. Also, students must have a positive attitude towards for the public exam. It absolutely should not be removed in Hk. It rules the fortune of the college students. It displays what learners have learned by schools and it acts being a gate-keeper to choose the students.

Hence, examination is an excellent way to assess student, evaluate the education system and dished up as a purpose to let learners to study hard and receive well prep for the future competition. Reference List: Thomas Kellaghan (2004). PUBLIC ASSESSMENTS, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TESTS, AND EDUCATIONAL INSURANCE PLAN. Retrieved from http://siteresources. worldbank. org/INTAFRREGTOPSEIA/Resources/paper_Kellaghan. pdf format John Simons (2005). The research Culture In the present00 City. Boston, MA: Pearson Education Samuel J. Big t. (2009). The Importance Of Education. The Thomson Corporation Candies Chan (2012, March 29). New tests off to tricky begin. The Standard

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