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| Old Age like a Time of New Opportunities| | | | | | The article “Old Age like a Time of New Opportunities (from the Foundation of Age)” by Betty Friedan opened my own eyes to a perspective that I experienced never really seriously considered. It was about how old age is normally perceived as one more step nearer to death. In the following paragraphs we are able to understand the perspective of the elder woman.

The female is 59 years old almost 70. She wants to go to Outward Bound which will give her the extreme outdoor experience.

The lady goes with her friend Cecelia Herwich. They must leave their particular city clothing and ignore who they were in the past and possess to spoke of their professional role. If they arrive at the first base camp they are offered their items. They are offered a back pack, poncho, sleeping bag, earth cloth, tin cup, place, water container, and iodine to detox it. They will begin with a three mile run up and down the road. She turned out to be the slowest because your woman had problems catching plan everyone else.

In the evening they chatted about so why they gone. A woman named Ruth stated she proceeded to go because your woman wanted to make a move exciting before she settled into a rocking chair. Another that was there was Earl. He explained he was used by the simple fact that it was harmful because he would have to be right now there for 10 days faraway from what he is used to and not knowing who have else would be there along with him. After wards they mention that there are usually more men and that their trip is the first to have ladies involved.

That they stated that we now have usually young men but not small women. Then they ask if women drive more moreattract adventurous with age. I think that it is true that women attract more adventurous the older they will get. I do think that this holds true because they are afraid of retreating to nothing with out feeling they were doing something that they have never tried before. They can be afraid because they feel the vicious pattern of cleaning the home, taking care of the kids, keeping up with spouse and kids, etc .

They are fundamentally getting sick and tired of the day to day routine that they will have to put up with as frequent house wives or girlfriends. Women truly feel they have been undervalue for too long so they need to do a difference in their your life. They want to feel that they did different things for once. I believe that this would be an excellent matter to discuss in Sociology class. It is a great topic since it can be viewed in various ways. Different ways of looking at this article is interesting because everybody will most likely possess a different way of perceiving this by the way their brain is performing.

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