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In a world where competitive edge can hinge on the breakthrough technology that makes a business run smoothly, Bead Club is a great anomaly. This is due to Bead Club is still using paper based program and this is usually where Stan’s BJR Talking to will come in. This paper is about the best way Bead Bar can easily transition to a modern technology manage business.

BRJ Consulting’s main focus should be to assess the i . t needs of Bead Tavern specifically in network technology.

To begin with the analysis of Bead Tavern, we would have to discuss their background and why they came to the point of needing i . t experts to study their operations. From the needs assessment, all of us will discuss the best tips about the network technology that Bead Tavern can carry out to ensure that their company needs and goals are met. Background Over 10 years ago, Bead Tavern was started out as a small business by Meredith S with all the first strategy store for New Canaan, Connecticut.

Meredith wanted a store, which the lady called a facility, wherein buyers can make their own bead jewelries with an array of beads, accessories and tools to help them work creatively in a warm environment. The store will provide the mandatory equipment upon site plus the customers will certainly just have to buy the beads and accessories including wires and string that they will use. Consequently, the consumers’ creativity to make their own bead jewelry will probably be fostered as well as the company promote their products.

Of course , for customer who has almost no time to think their own designs, considerably more to create it will also have an array of designs and products to select from. They can as well choose a particular design which would be created for them by stores educated employees. The Bead Pub is composed of 3 divisions specifically the broadcasters, franchises, and Bead Bar on Board. The Studio Division, headed by Susanne T., manages the six Bead Bar companies in different places. Aside from the Bead Bar companies, they also have franchises are been able by their Franchise Division going by Leda H.

The latest franchises with the company are in Kansas City, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, Cal, Seattle, Buenos aires, and Ohio, Florida. The franchise division sells a complete beading source package to businesses that are looking to open their own bead facility. Bead Pub on Board section which is headed by Mitch is a exceptional bead pub designed for cruise ships. The bar is usually portable and can be placed on deck or in a lay. The cruise ships employees as well purchase their supplies through the Bead Club. Currently, Bead Bar has 6 galleries, five dispenses and Bead Bar on side.

They have a roster of 15 full-time workers and 20 part-time staff. As of all their last monetary reports, that they recorded $1. 5million gross annual revenues. Even as we can see, the studios and franchises happen to be scattered in various states. This resulted in several inefficiencies in their operations such as misplaced orders, inappropriate invoicing and delays in fulfillment and delivery. One important thing that Meredith realized is that these inefficiencies can be mitigated with the rendering of the proper system into the company.

Even more, with the start globalization, Meredith believes it is the right time to get Bead Tavern to use the benefits of computer technology to become more competitive. The girl knew that digitization might help the firm simplify their processes, facilitate the digesting of its orders without the need for lost invoices and help in the total operations from the company. Bead Bar could also need to consider different approaches such as their supply string management and pricing strategies. Additionally , Meredith may prefer to explore various other market options such as an online store to widen their very own customer reach.

Meredith realized that there are big possibilities to get Bead Tavern once they have the appropriate technology in its system. Recommendations Summary After the information technology needs assessment made by the consultants, it absolutely was noted that there are many things that will have to be procured to help Bead Bar’s system to competitive. First, there was no reference to any components that Bead Bar features but the standard assumption would be that the hq has computer peripherals that helps them within their administrative operate.

For example , top management executives probably get their own computer’s desktop where they earn their information specifically for Meredith as the president and owner. Julia R, because Bead Bar’ Chief Economical Officer, requires a computer to read the finances of the firm as well as make the necessary reviews and monetary documents that the company demands for its procedure. Miriam, as head of Marketing and Sales, probably contains a database of inventory from the company’s stocks and shares in order to know very well what products happen to be moving and what items are not to ensure that she can make the necessary offers to sell these types of.

In the same way, Rachel, as mind of operations and purchasing also needs to have access to similar inventory databases so the girl can prediction her share procurement to see what item should be substituted and ordered. Jim, since head of human resources will also have a program for his personnel data file, which will are the database of compensation and rewards for each staff. Assuming that each critical device of the company has its own laptop peripherals, another stem should be to determine how every single computer is connected to type a network.

A network is defined as “two or more pcs that are linked to one another for the purpose of communicating info electronically. Besides physically linking computer and communication products, a network system provides the important function of establishing a cohesive structure. This allows a variety of equipment types to copy information in a near-seamless fashion (Encyclopedia Britannica). There are two kinds of network that would be applicable for Bead Bar. First is Neighborhood Network or LAN.

These link personal computers and other peripheral devices just like printers, copiers, etc . Consequently, the computers within the headquarters of Bead Bar could be interconnected through LAN. The other type will be a Wide Place Network which users attached to LAN can tap into. Extensive Area Sites or WAN consists of “computers connected to a wide-area network and often connected through community networks, like the telephone system. They can become connected through leased lines or satellites (Webopedia). WAN is needed by Bead Club so that most stores are interconnected with one another.

This is especially essential for the products on hand and advertising database in the company. Once stories can access real time info regarding stocks, decision making within their level will be easier. Network Topology You will find different kinds of network topologies that are offered for businesses for connecting them to their particular operations network. I recommended that a nylon uppers network topology be used intended for Bead Tavern.. In this topology, there would be various ways pertaining to nodes to communicate once there is a malfunction on different nodes or if a cable television fails.

However , this can be pricey to install, since it will involve a lot of cabling. Fine mesh technology is often used in conjunction with other topologies such as superstar, ring or perhaps bus topology which is helpful for a business that uses LAN. For a WAN architecture, most employ nylon uppers routing. An example of a network which uses mesh topology is the net. I recommend that the partial nylon uppers network topology be employed to get Bead Tavern. A partial nylon uppers is structured similarly to a complete mesh topology but some nodes will only be connected to one or maybe more network which Bead Pub deems to be the most important.

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