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Amazon com e books source chain launch research

Zappos, Global Supply Cycle, Supply Chain, Supply Sequence Management

Excerpt from Study Paper:

This embrace reporting productivity has led to even more e-book publishers signing in to the program (Isckia, 2009).

Supply Chain and Process Map

The following is a representation with the Amazon. com eDocs supply chain procedure map.

Amazon online. com has over the last many years seen their particular eDocs organization grow faster than their very own book organization (Penenberg, 2009) and as a result have got focused on improvement the entire supply chain in electronic format, which is a main strength of this company. Determine 1 offers an overview of how Amazon. com has structured their IT systems to compliment and improve their source chain efficiency.

Figure you:

How Amazon. com supports the eDocs Supply Chain Electronically


(Penenberg, 2009) IBM Global Services (


Primarily having encountered challenges more than accurate revealing of sales and also keeping publishers thinking about the program when payments were at times past due (Penenberg, 2009), Amazon. com has been in a position to transform their eDocs plan into a significant source of income. It is well regarded in the publishing industry that ebooks are by far the fastest developing area of creating. Now in its second generation and program, Amazon eDocs is being responsive to suppliers and also enabling those to grow their online tactics as well. Wherever Amazon. com continues to stand out with their eDocs program the most however is to use on-boarding smaller suppliers, opening up their global distribution stations to publishers who are really unique and publish extremely specialized ebooks.


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Small , and independent writers upload on avg. four – twelve titles a year

Large publishers average over 1, 000 titles a year

Research content aggregators avg 5K a year


e-books uploaded using specific document description and coding to enable them to be instantly loaded to eDocs

Almost all publishers can easily control digital cover of book

Amazon . com tracking quantity using on sales information


Regular monthly Sales Effects Posted on Author Portal

Real-time feedback in book remarks and advice

Amazon really does up-sell companies strategy upon books not really doing well in their

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