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Business requirements analysis intended for long

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Where pricing integration typically falls flat however will be in the handling of exclusions. Columbus (2003) makes the level that the use of automated methods to managing special pricing requests can be one of many highest RETURN activities of any company. The focus for LOM then is in turning the one-off mortgage request particularly including a different rate or perhaps structure into a competitive advantage by quickly being able to match it. The use of automated special pricing demands applications and techniques while defined simply by Columbus (2003) are strong competitive tools that could be used as part of FlashQuote and BFOT overall.

FlashQuote Use Case Analysis

Identifier: FlashQuote Make use of Case Examination

Name: BFOT System part that includes quoting, pricing, bank loan interest rates and the ability to electronically upload the money, once approved, to the MIS.

Purpose: To more accurately and completely capture the quotations given to potential customers over the mobile phone, the Web, and in person, the FlashQuote strategy is critical for building a sustained and consistent response across all of LOM.

Review: The FlashQuote system comes with options to get customizing credit depending on their use with a client, including refinancing, valuing of properties, defining of term and rate levels, and any kind of contingencies as well. Also included is a chance to quickly establish a probable loan closing date depending on the particulars of the loan.

Actors: The sales associates; business development; prospects and customers are actors making use of the system.

Categorization: The categorization of the FlashQuote system is in fact multi-disciplinary mainly because it impacts the following departments: Sales; Customer Service; Charges; Loan Authorization and Credit; Loan Fulfillment; and Underwriting.

Triggers: The most frequent triggering event will be if a prospect both calls a sales representative or sessions the LOM web site and requests a quote.

Pre-conditions: The FlashQuote system will be actively checking previous quotations and responding back to the LOS pertaining to real-time updates on costs and bank loan rates.

Common Course of Incidents

Input Actions

User wood logs in with a company customer IDENTIFICATION number.

Customer selects the quoting program to create a quote for custom-made LOM goods.

Quoting device gives the consumer the option of configuring LOM providers and mortgage products for their specific needs.

The user then simply asks for a cost on the offer.

The quote comes back together with the price and the user both accepts or perhaps rejects the quote.

If perhaps rejected, the person is given the alternative to save it.

If approved, the user is given a affirmation number and an purchase tracking quantity.

Processing Methods

Approved estimate is moved from FlashQuote to LOS for checking

The Quotation gets transformed into a preliminary loan document and gets preserved in the MIS

Quote is definitely sent to credit confirmation

Quote leaves credit confirmation and goes toward underwriting

Once underwriting is usually complete, the BFOT paths the done loan through sign-off and delivery to customer

Post-Conditions: Loan is either approved or perhaps denied, as well as the history of the entire loan can be tracked.

Option Courses: The quotes happen to be completed by hand and both faxed or mailed towards the prospect.

Linked Use Circumstances: Loan Record; Loan Charges; Loan Tracking; Loan Completion.

Associated Requirements: Integration among pricing, loan origination, financial loan tracking, and loan fulfillment including underwriting.

Multi-System Incorporation Use Circumstance Analysis

Designation: Integration among BFOT, FlashQuote and LOS.

Name: Current pricing, loan interest rate, and loan posting from the BFOT to the LOS.

Purpose: Present real-time data integration intended for pricing, financial loan interest rates and loan application fees; current uploading of loan applications and quotes for more tracking and follow-up; current support for the BFOL data requirements.

Overview: The intent on this integration is to provide a competitive advantage to sales associates as they finish quotes online or around the telephone with potential prospects. Real-time integration is known as a requirement because the costs and fees inside the markets that LOM competes in modify quickly over time, and can mean the difference among winning or losing that loan and earning a customer or perhaps not.

Actors: Sales associates; marketing business development managers; prospects and customers; financial loan strategists whom work on the actual loan and fee costs; pricing experts and managers.

Categorization: Incorporation is often considered part of an infrastructure platform; and is crucial for the speedy delivery of quotes to prospects and customers. This can be a critical aspect in long-term competitive benefits.

Triggers: Financial loan requests; loan discounting; new program and loan creation; loan value and price reductions; incorporation of new pricing and loan requests.

Pre-conditions: Loan is approved or perhaps denied, plus the history of quotations is kept in the LOS. Pricing and loan conditions are also monitored to see their very own impact on winning new business.

Typical Course of Occasions

1 . Type Steps

End user logs along with a corporate buyer ID number.

User picks the quoting system to create a quote to get customized LOM products.

Pricing and level are delivered via real-time integration right to the offer screen

Prospective client either welcomes or rejects the quotation

If accepted the offer is then sent through current integration links to the sales department to get follow-up

In the event rejected, the quote continues to be stored in the LOS specifically for analysis of pricing and loan interest rate attractiveness rankings

Processing Methods

Approved quote is moved from FlashQuote to MIS for monitoring

The Estimate gets changed into a preliminary bank loan document and gets kept in the MIS

Real-time the usage links for credit verification is used intended for validating the client is a good credit risk.

Quote leaves credit verification and goes to underwriting

Once underwriting is total, the BFOT tracks the finished loan through sign-off and delivery to customer

Post-Conditions: Loan is either approved or rejected, and the great the entire mortgage is tracked just as with the FlashQuote system. Real-time integration ensures the quote will probably be recorded and quickly used in sales for more activity, and that the pricing and loan interest rates are correct.

Alternative Classes: Batch-oriented integration slow the complete process straight down significantly, creating bottlenecks and lost sales as a result of not being able to deliver correct quotes in real-time when the prospects will need them.

Linked Use Instances: Loan Get; Loan Costs; Loan Tracking; Loan Satisfaction; pricing systems integration; mortgage interest rate examination systems; Sales systems integration; Accounts Receivable integration for tracking existing customers’ payment histories; credit rating verification systems integration to make certain low credit rating risk.

Linked Requirements: Just as with FlashQuote, current integration requires pricing, mortgage origination, mortgage tracking, and loan happiness in addition to credit evaluation and credit tracking. This real-time integration projects’ connected requirements likewise requires real-time links to the analytics applications in BFOL so reports can be made that show the performance of quoting like a business technique over time.


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