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Technologies and children


Hello there, everyone. I am Venera Zhakhyan. And today I would like to talk about solutions and kids. Here is how the majority of children do look like today. Familiar photo, right? At present, children are encircled with solutions. Most of people do not understand evidently why systems are so hazardous for children when they use them for more than several hours each day. Today, Let me explain for what reason.

Consequently to Kaiser family groundwork study (2010), American children in the age group under twelve spend about seven . 5 of these several hours daily employing technologies. Whenever we take into account children from the associated with eight to eighteen the regular time spent with technologies is already about ten . 5 hours. Nearly three quarters of these have tv in their bedrooms. But instead of using systems for a lot time they will could play outside, work out, etc .

The consequences of using systems on daily basis simply by children brings about unhappy outcomes. One of them is related to the children’ health. Regarding 35 percent of children in america have over weight. This is significant issue today. In accordance to a great analysis in Obesity, children using technology too much are more likely to obtain obesity. How come it happen? The answer is basic. Children dedicate most of all their time playing video games, viewing television, using their laptop computers or tablets. Children usually do not do much sports, exercises, and moves in general. They cannot burn calories and energy. Furthermore, the study about children disorders which was executed in 2014 in Us, showed that children using technologies upon more regular basis eat much more than patients using solutions more seldom. By this many children receive overweigh. (Loop, 2017) Over weight can cause various diseases just like diabetes or heart inability. (Ramey, 2012)

Except over weight, overuse of technologies by simply children damages intellectual creation. Playing game titles, watching TV, and so forth do not need high level of activity. They will just passively observe a thing or someone else on the screen. But children could draw, read ebooks, write poetry or tunes instead of playing at home. It will lead to more perspective and clever generation. But today they are really not created in various spheres as they basically should. When playing games or watching TV children do not develop their creative imagination and linguistic skills. As a result, the intellectual development is definitely under risk.

Another issue can be connected to the cultural development. Almost all of the children enjoy alone instead of getting fresh friends. Whether or not children communicate with each other, usually it really is in virtual reality and is screen-based. So , there is absolutely no real conversation among children due to solutions overuse. (Plowman, McPake, Stephen, 2010)

Do you wish to continue in that particular direction? I think that no one desires. In some places, persons already started working on this issue. Have somebody heard about Waldorf School of the Peninsula? Employees of businesses such as Apple, Google and Yahoo give their children to the school. This is because there are not any computers, mobiles, tablets, also no internet in this school. Children are utilizing their imagination, imagination, they communicate with other classmates more than right now regular kids do. This school educates children in such a way it is far better. And I think this can be the right way to do that (Jenkin, 2015).

Nevertheless, most of children are nonetheless surrounded with technologies not only at home although at university as well. Even as already produced, this is not what they really need. This kind of only causes harm to them in various ways.

This is how our children can look just like. Is certainly not this fascinating? So , my personal suggestion is usually to restrict screen-based hours to maximum of two hours per day to your children, grandchildren, for your friends, sisters, etc . We should do this in order to provide these people healthy child years and perspective future. Thank you!

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