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The internet between youth essay

In their research article, Chan and Fang (2007) present the results of their analysis of the Internet work with among Hk youth. Offered the quick spreading of sites technologies, it truly is natural that the Internet like a new kind of advertising produces irreversible impacts in youth’s sociable perceptions. Researchers used some surveys and questionnaires to analyze the ways in which youth preferred to use Net, as well as the demands which the younger generation sought to meet with the help of the Internet.

A briefing session with interviewers was geared towards explaining the major objectives and study procedures. The outcomes of the reviewed research claim that under the impact of the Internet use car radio is no longer utilized at all. Also, “results suggest that the net has come about to become the most important media among young people in Hong Kong. Respondents reported that the time spent on surfing the internet exceeded enough time spent on watching tv and listening to radio (Chan & Fang, 2007).

Almost all respondents employed internet instead of newspapers, publications, and television; with the growing number of small internet users, the web competes with traditional amusement and entertainment. Most respondents used search engines to locate info, and for young adults, the Internet was the major method to obtain information on very sensitive subjects.

The Internet between Youth

Chan, K. & Fang, W. (2007). Usage of the Internet and traditional multimedia among young adults. Young Buyers, 8 (4): 244-256.

Inside their research document, Chan and Fang (2007) present the results with their analysis in the Internet use among Hong Kong youth. Offered the quick spreading of sites technologies, it really is natural which the Internet as a new kind of mass media produces irreversible impacts on youth’s social perceptions. Researchers used a couple of surveys and questionnaires to investigate the ways through which youth favored to use Internet, as well as the needs which young people sought to meet with the help of the net.

A conjonction session with interviewers was aimed at outlining the major goals and analyze procedures. The results with the discussed exploration suggest that under the impact in the Internet make use of radio has ceased to be used in any way. Also, “results indicate which the internet has emerged to become the most important multimedia among young adults in Hong Kong. Respondents reported that the period spent on surfing the internet surpassed the time invested in watching television and listening to radio (Chan & Fang, 2007).

The majority of participants used internet instead of papers, magazines, and television; with all the growing number of young internet users, the Internet competes with traditional leisure and entertainment. The majority of respondents employed search engines to discover information, and for young people, the world wide web was the major source of information about sensitive themes.

From the sociological perspective, the use of the Internet as the major supply of information has already turned into an extensive international trend. With the growing accessibility in the Internet, youngsters is more likely to work with it to satisfy its individual needs. It should be noted that mass media and mass media emails are the essential agents of socialization, which in turn young people value to shape their particular beliefs, behaviours, and perceptions. Numerous sociable and demographic variables can also be closely linked to the time invested in different multimedia.

In many instances, the investigation performed by Chan and Fang (2007) is the starting point of a even more profound sociological analysis, that may shed the sunshine on the way the net and related media effect youth awareness about distinct social conditions, and more significantly, how the Internet can be used to shape these beliefs and preferences in a way that would promote positive social relationships, social harmonization, and confident social ideologies.

In many instances, the web and mass media are the key sources of ideological messages, which will carry concealed meanings that later become encoded into youth’s interpersonal understanding of the earth. Whether teenagers can withstand undesirable and negative ideological meanings as well depends on the top quality of sociological analysis to find the ways the world wide web impacts the youth.

For me, the article has become a valuable method to obtain primary details. First of all, I have finally come to realize the scope and role of the Internet wave and the effects it tends to produce on young minds and heads. Second, I used to be surprised to read that pertaining to shopping information young people unchangeably prefer typical magazines online.

That means which the youth are generally not always ready to change their reading behaviors, and that the Internet is not necessarily the most convenient source of information. Finally, I had been able to measure the challenges the existing mass media encounter in their make an effort to remain competitive instruments of youth socialization; in the technical environment, traditional media can easily remain powerful socializing agents only by simply converging themselves with the Net.

To a large extent, the link between the use of the world wide web and the youth’s perceptions \ me to acknowledge the new multimedia potential in the Internet. Sociological analysis of mass media is quite useful with regards to the need for considering the mingling potential of particular communications. For example , “The Bus Uncle incident in Hong Kong as well as the speed with which the concept spread amongst Internet users claim that market experts and sociologists can use these criteria to study the impact, which usually social emails (for model, anti-AIDS messages) could potentially have got on junior if propagate via the Internet.

Unfortunately, the authors present their research leads to a way that means it is difficult to hyperlink them to difficulties sociological principles. In other words, Chan and Fischzug (2007) present their effects without interpretation them throughout the prism in the broader social contexts. That young people in Hong Kong use the internet here more positively than other advertising is clear, but how could these benefits be used to boost their perceptions regarding the world around them?

Or, is there any chance the Internet could be accustomed to help young adults resolve their most problematic issues? These kinds of questions remain unanswered, and although the content sheds the light on the way the youth decide on the Internet, it will be impossible to examine the benefits and downsides of the Internet expansion as well as the changes this produces in socialization habits among teenagers and youngsters without associating these practices with broader social changes.


Chan, K. & Fang, T. (2007). Utilization of the Internet and traditional media among teenagers.

Young Buyers, 8 (4): 244-256.


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