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Understanding leadership models essay

There are many different elements and situations that can effect your choice of management style at the same time. Different people require diverse levels of support and course depending on a large number of factors which include their set of skills, maturity and willingness to handle the suggested task. Not one leadership style is considered to be correct; an individual who is considered skilled, self-confident and enthusiastic in their work can suddenly become incapable or not willing to take responsibility when facing a new activity that they are not really acquainted with.

The Situational Management Theory, developed by Paul Hersey, is a helpful tool in assessing the sort of leadership needed to the person or group involved. The theory relies upon two key elements; leadership style (behaviour) plus the individual or groups maturity level. See below to get examples. Instance 1 ” an individual regarded as of maturity level 4, i. e. they are skilled at the job, and willing to try to get the responsibility; could only require a delegation management style we.

e. the leader is still affiliated with the task, but the process and responsibility offers simply been passed on to the individual. Instance 2 ” an individual considered to be of maturity level you i. e. they absence the skills for the task and are also unable or unwilling for taking responsibility; would require a telling leadership style i. elizabeth. the leader provides virtually all the information for the said process in a a lot more hands on part. ac(1. 2)

These command styles or perhaps behaviours may have both equally positive and negative effects on an individual or perhaps group conduct. Maturity levels within people can become process specific; someone with a large maturity level that you would normally delegate to, can quickly lose self confidence if arranged with a activity that they are not familiar with. They could then turn into unwilling to try to get the responsibility it is therefore very important to develop your management styles while using individual/task under consideration.

Positive effects of leadership designs:

If the correct management styles are used it can have a very positive impact on individuals. For example if you have a person that is extremely

fervent and offers ambition nevertheless may nonetheless lack the relevant skills need to finish the job/task by themselves, then they require a excessive directive/low supportive leadership style. These types of individuals can then be provided the correct training, coaching and support to hopefully become low directive/low supportive employee. It is important that the leadership design changes with all the individual, encouraging them to take those lead upon projects and developing additional skills as they progress. This could have substantial benefits pertaining to the company and then for the individual, confident team interactions and morale, better knowledge and knowledge of jobs, better productivity, better pay for the person and essentially better revenue for the company.

Negative effects of leadership styles:

Selected leadership styles or behaviors can also possess negative effects about individual or group behaviour. Individuals with low maturity amounts can often shortage ambition, avoid responsibility, dislike work and frequently have to be insecure with consequence. These types of individuals require a excessive directive/telling leadership style, something which is not always welcomed by individual. It has a negative effect in the workplace as well as for the individual, causing poor functionality and low morale in group scenarios.

Understand Command Qualities and Review Individual Leadership Attributes and Potential ac(2. 1)

At mi Technology group we could lucky from the point of view that many of the employees are highly skilled and of a high maturity level in terms of The Situational Leadership Theory. When we sponsor new personnel, we can usually attract incredibly competent individuals, and with the right training and training, they can quickly turn all their hand to our bespoke tests work.

To assess my own command style, I decided to create a simple and quick leadership personal assessment to judge myself since at staff leader. Along with filling in the assessment me personally, I decided to pass this on to two members of my own team; one very experienced in the function that we perform (maturity level S4), and one new member of the team who requires a lot more coaching than some the greater experienced Specialists that we utilize (maturity level S2). Specialists

those to fill it in about myself, and just how I operate directly with them. I actually also added on a range of lines associated with The Situational Leadership Theory to see if my own leadership style matched the maturity level I have examined the individuals to be at. I asked the individuals to rating as follows;

you ” Consent

2 ” Partially Agree

3 ” Partially Differ

4 ” Disagree

Please see results beneath.

1 . Completed without any help

Dealing with Others

Speak clearly and effectively with others


Listen to and take into account the demands and feelings of others one particular


search for contributions and views coming from others


On a regular basis seek feedback from other folks about my behaviour


Willing to generate tough decisions, even if they might adversely impact others 2

Cope with conflicts and disagreements with others quickly

a couple of

Acknowledge and prefer the efforts of others within the group 1

Lead by simply example, not simply words


2 . Completed by Person 1 (Maturity Level S4)

Working With Others ” Please response from 1-4

Communicate plainly and efficiently with others


Pay attention to and consider the needs and feelings more 2


seek input and landscapes from others


Regularly search for feedback from others regarding my conduct

a few

Willing to make tough decisions, whether or not they may negatively affect other folks 2

Deal with disputes and arguments with other folks quickly


Acknowledge and appreciate the initiatives of others in the team you

Lead by case, not just words


Command Style ” From the 4 options under, choose one that you just think matches your romantic relationship best

One of many ways communication from your leader, saying how, why, when, in which

Provides way and support, remains active in the task

Shared decision making, maintains good relationship with process 1

Process and responsibility given to, monitors task

3. Finished by Specific 2 (Maturity Level S2)

Working With Others ” Please answer from 1-4

Communicate obviously and successfully with other folks


Pay attention to and consider the needs and feelings more 2


seek advantages and sights from other folks


Regularly seek out feedback by others regarding my actions


Happy to make hard decisions, whether or not they may detrimentally affect others 2

Deal with conflicts and disagreements with other folks quickly


Acknowledge and appreciate the attempts of others within the team one particular

Business lead by case in point, not just words and phrases


Management Style ” From the four options beneath, choose one that you think matches your romantic relationship best

One of the ways communication from your leader, declaring how, how come, when, in which

Provides path and support, remains mixed up in task one particular

Shared decision making, maintains good marriage with task

Process and responsibility given to, monitors activity

From the results above, I could see that my own leadership design does connect with The Situational Leadership Theory in that the maturity amounts I won the individuals at, relate closely about how they construed my command style in relation themselves. The results likewise show that we have an excellent relationship with the individuals, speak well and lead simply by example. Additionally, there are clear advancements I can make in other parts of leadership.

ac(2. 2)

After hearing other people’s views and doing the do it yourself assessment, you will find number of areas that I believe I can improve upon as a head. The main issue that came up in all three in the completed checks was looking for feedback regarding my conduct as a head. Feedback is a very important instrument when it comes to command; although you may think that you are doing almost everything correctly, it is not necessarily always the perception of others and their reviews helps you grow and develop as a leader. This task has helped me to realise this kind of, and launching regular questionnaires, may help a lot of people get their views and ideas across, essentially helping the corporation to improve.

Another thing that could be better in the organization as a whole can be helping

high directive individuals turn into low savoir. This could be attained by a better evaluation system (which we are at the moment working towards) and a better training program. The company presents training in a large number of forms, internal and off site, but better planning around excessive pressure/quick transformation jobs is important so we can fit training in, meaning an experienced, better encouraged workforce.


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