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MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (MCA) MCA/ASSIGN/III/YEAR/2012 ASSIGNMENTS Yr, 2012-13 (3rd Semester) (MCS-031, MCS-032, MCS-033, MCS-034, MCS-035, MCSL-36) You will discover ten inquiries in this project, which carries 80 represents. Rest twenty marks will be for viva-voce. Answer the questions.

You may use illustration and diagrams to improve the details. Please feel the guidelines concerning assignments given in the MCA Programme Guideline for the format of presentation. The examples, anytime asked to get given, needs to be different from the ones that are talked about in the course materials.

Question1: Using Insertion Sort, sort the following sequence in increasing (10 marks) purchase and do the analysis in the algorithm: thirty five, 37, 18, 15, 45, 12 Issue 2: Create a pseudocode for divide and conquer formula for finding the positioning of an array of n quantities and approximate the number of crucial comparisons made by your formula. (10 marks) Question 3: Apply quicksort to type the following list: Q U I C K H O L T (10 marks) in alphabetical purchase. Find the element in whose position is definitely unchanged inside the sorted list. Question some: Write Strassen’s matrix épreuve algorithm intended for obtaining the merchandise of two matrices. 12 marks) Issue 5: (i) Define DFS. Explain in short , how it differs from BFS. (10 marks) (ii) Write pseudocode for DFS and estimate its time complexity Issue 6: Apply Kruskal’s criteria to find nominal spanning shrub with a good example. (10 marks) Question7: Arrange the following expansion rates in increasing purchase: O (3n), O (n2), O (1), O (n log n) Question eight: Using Basic principle of Mathematical Induction, prove that the total 20 + 21 +¦+ 2n can be 2n plus one ” 1 for all and? 1 . (4 marks) (6 marks) Question 9: Establish Knapsack Trouble and report one illustration of the difficulty. (5 arks) Question 10: Explain the fundamental idea of Active Programming. How exactly does Dynamic Development differ from Break down and conquer approach for solving problems? (5 marks) 3 Study course Code Study course Titlle Task Number Job Marks Weightage Last Date ranges for Submitting::: MCS-032 Subject Oriented Analysis and Design and style MCA(3)/032/Assign/2012 75 25% fifteenth October, 2012 (For July 2012 Session) 15th Apr, 2013 (For January 2013 Session) You will find eight questions in this job, which transported 80 markings. Rest twenty marks are for viva-voce. Answer all the questions.

Make necessary assumptions where ever required. Make sure you go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in this software Guide to get the file format of demonstration. Question 1: What is Target Orientation? Make clear features of Subject Oriented procedure of system design. For what reason it is better than Structured procedure of program design. (10 Marks) Precisely what is UML? In brief explain, several UML Layouts used for Building. Question 2: (10 Marks) Question several: What is class diagrams? Describe how classes are identified in designing associated with an object focused system, by making use of an example. (10 Marks) Precisely what is generalization?

Describe how it is different from field of expertise with an example. Question four: (10 Marks) Question your five: What is dynamic model? Likewise explain just how it is totally different from object unit. (10 Marks) Question 6: What is point out diagram? Differentiate between a simple state picture and a composite express diagram. Draw state diagram for Train Reservation System. (10 Marks) What is Bi-directional Implementation? Clarify advantages of Bi- directional Setup with case. (10 Marks) What is ternary association? Describe how ternary associations will be mapped into tables with an example. (10 Marks)

Issue 7: Query 8: 5 Course Code Course Name Assignment Quantity Maximum Signifies Weightage Previous Dates intended for Submission::: MCS-033 Advanced Under the radar Mathematics MCA(3)/033/Assign/2012 100 25% 15th October, 2012 (For July 2012 Session) 15th April, 2013 (For January 2013 Session) There are FIVE questions of total 85 marks with this assignment. Response all questions. 20 Marks happen to be for viva-voce. You may employ illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations. Please go through the rules regarding projects given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation.

Query 1: (a) Using Karnaugh map, make simpler X’: A’BC’D’+ ABCD+ ABCD’+ ABCD’ (5 Marks) (b) Describe Konigsberg’s 7 connections problem and Euler’s strategy to it. B (5 Marks) (c) Display that the quantity of the examples of all vertices of a chart is twice the number of edges in the chart. (5 Marks) Question 2: (a) Let G become a non aimed graph with 12 corners. If G has five vertices each of level 3 and the rest have degree lower than 3, precisely what is the bare minimum number of vertices G may have? (5 Marks) (b) What is Graph Cloning? Clarify K-edge cloning with the. (5 Marks) c) Permit f(n)= your five f(n/ 2) + a few and f(1) = six. Find f(2k) where e is a great integer. Also estimate f(n) if farreneheit is an ever-increasing function. (5 Marks) Issue 3: (a) Define r-regular graph. Offer an example of 3-regular graph. (5 Marks) (b) f is usually bijective function with Selection of f while the (5 Marks) 5 (c) Exactly what isomorphic charts? Are the charts given below isomorphic? Explain how come? (7 Marks) a w 1 deb c several 4 a couple of (i) (ii) (4 Marks) (d) What is connected Chart? Construct a graph with chromatic number 5. Question 4: (a) Solve subsequent recurrence relationships i) sama dengan + d, =2 (9 Marks) sing substitution technique ii) iii) 9 sama dengan (b) Create a short note upon Tower of Hanoi Trouble. How can this be solved using recursion? Question five: (a) Display that pertaining to subgraph They would of a graph G? (H)? (G) (b) What is Divide and Concuer relations? Describe with an example? (4 Marks) (4 Marks) (4 Marks) (c) Look for a power series associated with the difficulty where we need to find a number of ways to select 10 people to form and qualified committee by 6 Instructors and doze Associate Teachers. (4 Marks) (d) Shrub is a Bipartite Graph warrant the declaration with an example? (4 Marks) 6

Program Code Course Title Assignment Number Maximum Marks Weightage Last Date ranges for Submission::: MCS-034 Software Engineering MCA(3)/034/Assign/12 100 25% 15th October, 2012 (For July 2012 Session) fifteenth April, 2013 (For January 2013 Session) This job has one particular question intended for 80 represents. 20 markings are for viva ciarla. You may work with illustrations and diagrams to enhance the answers. Please have got to guidelines with regards to assignments succumbed the Plan Guide pertaining to the structure of business presentation. Question one particular: Assume that you are given responsibility of developing a Pupil Admission System (SAS).

Admissions take place through various ways such as receiving applications by simply post, on the net etc . OBSTACLE should accept data from all methods and produce a merit list for vestibule to various programs offered by the University. To get developing OBSTACLE as particular above, (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Which SDLC paradigm will be selected. Justify your answer. List the functional and non-functional requirements. Estimate expense Estimate work Develop SRS using IEEE format (20 marks) (10 marks) (10 marks) (10 marks) (30 marks) 7 Course Code Course Subject Assignment Quantity Maximum Signifies Weightage Previous Dates pertaining to Submission:::

MCS-035 Accountancy and Financial Supervision MCA (3)/035/Assign/2012 100 25% 15th March, 2012 (For July 2012 Session) fifteenth April, 2013 (For January 2013 Session) This assignment has five questions. Answer all questions. 20 marks will be for viva voce. You could use designs and diagrams to enhance the explanations. You should go through the rules regarding tasks given in the Programme Guidebook for the format of presentation. Problem 1: In the following Trial Balance of Rama Nand Sagar, make Trading and Profit , Loss Be the cause of the year concluded 31st 12 , 2011 and a Balance Bed sheet as in that day: Dr .

Bills Opening Share Purchases Product sales Return Buggy Inwards Carriage Outwards Wages Salaries Flower , Machines Furniture Sundry Debtors Expenses Receivable Money in Hand Traveling Expenses Lamps Rent and Taxes General Expenses Insurance Drawings Rs. 20, 500 80, 1000 6, 500 3, six-hundred 800 42, 000 twenty-seven, 500 90, 000 almost eight, 000 52, 000 2, 500 6, 300 3, 700 1, 400 several, 200 15, 500 you, 500 18, 000 several, 81, 000 Cr. Bills Sales Buy Return Price cut Sundry Collectors Bills Payable Capital Rs. 2, seventy, 000 four, 000 5, 200 25, 000 you, 800 75, 000 several, 81, 500 8 Modifications: (1) Stock on thirty first December, 2011 was valued at Rs. 24, 500 (Market Value Rs. zero, 000). (2) Wages exceptional for December, 2011 amounted to Rs. 3, 000. (3) Incomes outstanding pertaining to December, 2011 amounted to Rs. two, 500. (4) Prepaid insurance amounted to Rs. 300. (5) Give depreciation about Plant and Machinery for 5% and Furniture by 20%. (20Marks) Question 2: Following would be the balance linens of a limited company as on thirty first December, 2010 and 2011. Liabilities 2010 Rs. 2011 Rs. Possessions 2010 Rs. 2011 Rs. Share Capital Reserves B. , L A/c Bank Loan (Long-term) Lenders Bills Payable 64, 500 13, 000 8, six-hundred 25, 1000 38, 500 8, 000 1, 56, 600 84, 000 12-15, 500 almost 8, 800 , 34, 500 8, five-hundred 1, 50, 800

Goodwill Buildings Grow Stock Debtors Cash Bank 3, 000 50, 950 35, 500 25, five-hundred 42, 500 150 , 1, 56, 600 a couple of, 250 48, 000 43, 000 18, 800 thirty six, 200 180 2, 95 1, 55, 800 Taking into consideration the following info, you are re-required to organize funds circulation statement and statement of changes in working capital. (a) Dividend paid was Rs. 6, 000/(b) Rs. 3, 600/- was crafted off since depreciation on plant and Rs. a couple of, 950/- about buildings. (c) Profit available of herb was Rs. 3, 000/(20 Marks) 9 Question 3: The following are the ratios taken out from the Balance Sheet of a firm as in 31st Dec 2011. Draw up the Balance Sheet of the firm.

Current Financial obligations Current Resources Liquidity Rate Stock Turnover Ratio (Based on COGS) Fixed Resources Turnover Proportion (Based in sale) Low Profit since percentage of sales Borrower collection period Working capital Shareholders Capital Reserve and Surplus 1 . 0 2 . your five 1 . a few 6 2 20% 2 Months Rs. 3, 00, 000 Rs. 5, 00, 000 Rs. 2, 60, 000 (20 Marks) Problem 4: Critically examine the many methods of evaluation of capital budgeting plans? Explain the value and application of the technique of discounted cash-flow. (20 Marks) Question 5: So what do you suggest by receivable management? What are its goals?

Explain the dimensions of receivable managing. (20 Marks) 10 Course Code Program Title Job Number Optimum Marks Weightage Last Times for Distribution::: MCSL-036 Research laboratory Course MCA (3)/036L/Assign/2012 95 25% 31st October, 2012 (For September 2012 Session) 30th April, 2013 (For January 2013 Session) This assignment features three parts. Answer the questions in every section. Section 1 and Section two are of 13 marks each. The lab records associated with these portions also bears 13 signifies each. Section 3 and lab information related to section 3 carry 14 marks each. Rest 20 signifies are for viva voce.

You may employ illustrations and diagrams to improve the answers. Please have got to guidelines with regards to assignments given in the Program Guide for the file format of display. SECTION you: MCS-032 Query 1: Memory and Shyam are starting a breakfast in a small town. They may have three bedrooms intended for guests. They wish to develop software program service to control the concerns and to screen expenses and profits. Each time a potential customer demands a reservation, they will look into the calendar, of course, if there is a openings, they will enter the customer name, address, contact number, dates, agreed upon price, credit card number, and room number(s).

Reservations must be guaranteed by simply 1 day’s payment. Reservations will be organised without guarantee for a great agreed upon time. If not really guaranteed by simply that day, the reservation will be lowered. i) Pull at least two employ case blueprints and determine all the classes. ii) Attract the Sequence and Cooperation Diagrams. iii) Draw the Class Diagrams. iv) Draw the state of hawaii Transition Plan. v) Bring the Part Deployment Unit. SECTION a couple of: MCS-034 Issue 1: An automobile dealer really wants to automate it is inventory. It can record all of the cars which a customer purchases. It data all vehicle repairs. It documents all being released on the shipments of repair parts.

The seller wants daily reports in total daily repairs, daily sales, and total inventory. This survey is called “dailyreport.  The dealer also keeps track of every customers and potential customers that visit the store. The seller also desires a monthly record showing every visits and purchases by customers listed by day in the month. The dealer likewise wants a chance to query regarding any customer or potential customer. (2 marks) (3 marks) (3 marks) (3 marks) (2 marks) 11 i) Develop the SRS simply by performing requirements study. ii) Identify numerous processes from the system and generate the DFD’s intended for the system.

You could use any kind of software to develop the DFD. iii) Design and style the ER diagram pertaining to the company and do the repository design offering all the restrictions. iv) Execute the comprehensive procedural design and style for any two processes. (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) v) Create for least several test instances for each of the procedures developed in part (iv) (2 marks) vi) Advise some secureness mechanism pertaining to the usage of the device with various privileges. (2 marks) vii) Attract the PERT diagram intended for the offered set of duties and dependencies. Complete the table demonstrating the crucial path plus the slack period. 2 marks) SECTION 3: MCS-035 Problem 1: Prepare Trading Accounts and Revenue and Loss A/c of Mr. Sanyam and Balance Sheet from the following balances taken out from literature for 12 months ending 31st March 2009: (14 marks) Trial Balance of Mister. Sanyam while on 31st March, 2009 Dr . Sum (Rs. ) 1, 520 17, 425 10, 000 900 some, 000 two, 750 50 100 60 100 95 150 300 500 18, 750 150 Cr. Sum (Rs. ) Particulars Funds Account Savings account Machinery Accounts Furniture Airconditioning Stock (1-4-2005) Purchase A/c Discount Allowed Repair Airconditioning Cartage A/c Municipal Income taxes Advertising Air-conditioning Rent Air-conditioning Salaries Money owed A/c Capital Bad debts recovered A/c 2 Discount Received Sales Bank loan @ 12% p. a. Shyam Bros. 37, 945 45 12-15, 000 2, 000 a couple of, 000 37, 945 Next adjustment have to be made: (i) Salaries Spectacular Rs. two hundred, Prepaid Rent Rs. 55. (ii) Offer depreciation on machinery by 10%, publish off home furniture by twenty percent. (iii) Interest on bank loan has been credited for one yr and continued to be unpaid. (iv) Write off Rs. 4 hundred which are not to be paid out to Shyam Bros. (v) Provide interest on capital @6% g. a. pertaining to full 12 months. (vi) Benefit of final stock about 31. several. 2006 was Rs. almost eight, 000. 13

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